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Thread: How Short Is Too Short?

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    Question How Short Is Too Short?

    This is something I just randomly thought about all of the sudden, when is a dress too short and sexualizing rather than cute and comforting? I would personally say that showing off 2 inches of my diaper (with pink rhumba panties of course!) is cute, 3 inches is pushing it, and 4 inches is uncomfortably short, but that's just my opinion, I don't want something overly long and flowing unless I'm trying to look fancy for some reason.

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    I, too like the hint of reveal, vs the "leave nothing to the imagination" amount. Keep them guessing.

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    Two inches sounds about right! I think part of the fun of a sissy dress is that nappies (or plastic pants) are visible, but they should never be too on show. I think the ideal length would fully cover the nappy when stood up straight, but any kind of bending or reaching would show off a bit of white.

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    Not too short, not too long. Just that little peek of white/pink.

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    In my opinion, a dress should just cover the whole diaper when standing up straight with your arms at your side. This way, as soon as you move, you start showing some diapers.

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    A tantalizing short SKIRT with a 10 inch hem - the waist band just covering the top of the diaper so the bottom will always have some reveal - even best when the diaper(s) are bulging out in a sort of petticoat
    function pushing the hem of the skirt up and out. Best when worn with frilly ruffled contrasting color diaper cover and as always crinkly loud plastic. Now for the top a tight short "T" shirt showing off the midriff
    belly button. Colors preferred Plaids Pinks and Purples neon highlights. For shoes PINK or WHITE mary janes with a clutch of jingle bells and perhaps metal taps on the bottom - if you are wearing this outfit you
    certainly would not want to go Unnoticed after all ! A BABY SISSY making a statement !

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    I have a short skirt and I when I stand up the diaper is never shown but when I lay down it is on full display, but I would like to have a dress that does show off 2-3 inches of my diapers when I stand up.
    I usually like to wear one of the girl t-shirts I have and a diaper.

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    I don't actually like the diaper to be immediately visible. I'd prefer a skirt that covers everything until you're bending over and then you might catch a tiny glimpse of it! :P

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    I like 2 or 3 inches of my diaper showing when reaching up or bending over whenever I decide to be a little girl which isn't too often. When I wear shorts, I like them to be extra short so my plastic pants are showing.

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