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Thread: I hit the jackpot!

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    Default I hit the jackpot!

    I started dating this girl back in November, and we got pretty serious pretty quick (to the point where both of us actually broke it off a few times and then ended up getting back together in less than a week). During our time dating we learned quite a bit, and opened up enough to trust each other to talk about ourselves in a more intimate matter. Eventually she got it out of me about my DL side, and was surprisingly very supportive but a little stand offish about the idea. We dated a bit longer and I ended up breaking things off for nearly two months.

    This past week (we had kept in contact and decided we wanted to maintain our friendship) we started chatting and a couple days later we saw each other and things hit right off again, pretty much where we had left off, except for deciding we needed to take a different course on our relationship. The other day, we were spending some time together and this subject came back up about fantasies and things we have always wanted to try and do once again relating to bedroom matters, and she brought up my side and mentioned interest in possibly trying it out sometime in a intimate fashion (I haven't told her I like wearing and using, but I figure that's something I could ease her into as she is a very loving and supportive partner).

    Anyway, we haven't engaged in any funny business relating to this or any for that matter as were saving ourselves for marriage (which were both talking as a serious reality when we finish our degrees next year). Anyway, I just wanted to share this with you all, not as a bragging matter but just as something that has made me very happy. Not just because she's cool with possibly experimenting, but just because I feel like I've finally found that person in my life I'm not afraid to be myself around. I feel like we can be completely open about our feelings and opinions and not get offended at each other for how we feel, and we trust each other enough to know when to stop something when we know they're not okay with it (which has been a major eye opener for me relating to romantic topics and how some women see things). It's kind of one of those things I felt I was never going to get to experience because of my secret side (being a DL), but a wonderful woman was placed in my life who loves and cares for me regardless of my quirks. Thanks for reading

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    That's good, Kevin234, I hope I find someone like that someday.😺😺😺😺😺

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    Dang, that's cool of her. Yeah, I hope to find someone equally open-minded one day

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    That sounds very nice...particularly that she cares enough to take an interest... Please don't spoil it by expecting too much of her too soon. She is already being so generous in accepting where you're at.

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    So, wait, she knows that diapers are a sexual thing for you, but she doesn't know you like to lounge around in them and use them. I'm not a non-DL, so I don't know which would be more off-putting.

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