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    I just recently did something that gave me significant pause going in and I'm so glad I pushed myself to give it a try. It has nothing to do with diapers, except that I wondered if maybe I should be wearing them for the event. My dare was that I was asked to go up in a helicopter for work to take photos. I should mention that while I'm not exactly scared of heights, they do concern me a fair amount. I still go up high places, but it's scary.

    Anyway, it was explained to me as a great experience by my boss, who has been up lots of times for other reasons and given the size of the helicopter and professional nature of the pilots, I was thinking this wouldn't be bad. I was worried going in, but it was a back of the mind sort of thing. Upon arrival at the airfield, I got to see the helicopter and the pilots explained the plan, which is where it got several notches scarier for me. The thumbnail at the bottom is pretty close to what I was presented with.

    I hadn't really thought this through in terms of how I was going to take pictures, but it was getting clearer. Those open doors were going to stay open and they wanted to have me wear a harness secured to the deck and sit on the deck with my legs dangling over the side. They saw I wasn't in love with this idea. It was subtle, but they got it. Probably had to do with blood draining from my face, etc. They posed another plan: they'd set up a bench chair, secured to the deck and I'd wear a seatbelt secured to the wall. They were quick to point out that this really wasn't any safer, but made many people feel better. It made me feel a bit better, crossing the line between "I think I'll just wait down here" and "okay, I guess I can do this".

    They got set up and I got belted in with this seatbelt that looked really too easy to release and after a quick safety lecture, we took off. It was simply amazing! We were probably anywhere from 200 to 800 feet up and the pictures I got were stunning. It was scary at times, but less than I really expected and if it started to get overwhelming, I'd go back to taking pictures hard for a few minutes and the narrow focus of the lense reduced my anxiety. It was well worth the risk and turned out so much better than I expected. All in all, a very cool way to spend 40 minutes.

    Thinking on it further, it made me wonder what things others might have done that scared them going in but weren't really so bad and reaped unexpected benefits? Let's leave out the buying a first batch of diapers stories unless it's really a good story (in which case you probably already told it, anyway). Anyway, let's hear what you dared!
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    im hoping the pictures turned out.

    off hand, I can't think of much, maybe I will reply again with something?

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    Umm well I can`t think of anything amazing, but you do have heights stuck in my head now!

    I remember one time, in grade 8 I went to camp. There was this station we had to go to, and it was a whole bunch of high-ropes. Well I`m deathly afraid of heights. I decided, just to get my teachers off my neck about how I should participate to overcome my fear, to go on the zip line. Well I got -up- but i was stuck at the top for 3 hours because I wouldn`t go down lol. (And if I remember correctly, the guy up there was really cute, so I was flirting with him.) Anyways, after I had my whole group, the next group, and two other groups from the tennis courts that could see us (That would be about 100+ people) I decided to go. Well it was amazing. And needless to say, I was made out to be some sort of hero, I got mentioned at the assembly, pta meeting, as well as all the younger classes, it was really embarrassing. But... I`ve went on zip lines since then, and they are uber fun!

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    Awww, hell yeah, Trevor! That is truly an awesome day.

    As for dares myself... well, my life isn't all that risky. But I have been on the tallest and fastest free-fall ride in the world. That was bloody scary. O_O

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    I forgot to mention that the unexpected benefit (aside from how much more amazing it was than I figured) was the buzz I got off it. In my head, I know this really wasn't that dangerous, but I felt like I had faced certain death. I even had a dream that night where I was wearing diapers with shorts (I almost never wear shorts!) and this woman noticed and called me on it. I was completely unflustered and told her I liked wearing them and what business was it of hers? Generally, even in my dreams I'm more timid than this. I'm sure it won't last, but it's cool for now.

    I posted one shot that's of no use to us to the galleries that I thought was pretty:

    Thanks for the replies. I'm still looking for more. They don't have to involve heights, remember. They don't even have to involve life-threatening situations (or even situations that felt life-threatening), just things that you totally dreaded and paid off when you sucked it up and faced them down.

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    I'm generally reluctant to do things that people suggest to me unless they're a good friend or I've been interested to do myself. If someone suggests a band and they don't have any music to follow up the suggestion I won't consider the band. Then later I'll hear a song and it's awesome, and I find out the band's name and think I'd discovered it myself! Same goes with most things in life, from vegetables to rides.

    Speaking of rides, that's what I was going to talk about - rides at California Adventure! I went there awhile ago and didn't go on many of the rides when we went around the first time because they looked really frightening. Everyone kept trying to make me go on them - namely the large Mickey Mouse roller coaster, and I simply refused! Then when we split up I got to go with my sister and I we went to the different rides because I was feeling more adventurous after being introduced to adrenaline from a few rides that didn't look so bad. I chose which rides to go on and she chose where we ate. I finally decided to go on the rollercoaster - I'd never been on one before, and this one was pretty big compared to some of the others I'd seen.

    We, well... first we waited in line for about half a freakin' hour, which is what you have to do if you're not doing that express thing, and then finally it was our turn to go. We sat down, and when they pulled that bar down on my lap I started getting anxious. I'm claustrophobic and well being restrained isn't one of my favorite things to have done to me, especially when I was about to go on a rickety ride at high speeds and upside-down! It was too late, though. I was shot out into the ride, ups and downs and all-arounds, and afterward I realized it was... awesome!

    Another non-life-threatening anecdote from Friday night - I was at my friend's house and I had a cold. They suggested I take Chinese herbs and I figured, hey why not? They probably came in a capsule or were tasty herbs!

    Well, they weren't tasty herbs or in a capsule. It was this thick brown liquid that you pour on a spoon - just like lots of medicines. Oh man, I thought, what have I gotten myself into? The last time I'd taken a liquid medicine I threw up, because I have a natural gag reflex for this kind of stuff. I choked it down after staring it down for half an hour. It was terrible, it was awful, but I felt a little better after I ate it.

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    I can think of plenty of examples for when I was a lot younger (none worth describing), no recent ones though. I really like doing those kind of exciting and scary things, so I rarely dread doing things because I know it'll be worth it.

    For my 16th birthday I went paragliding, which was really exciting. It's just a shame I didn't dread doing it, so I could have a proper reply to this thread.

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    I only spent about a half an hour, in a helicopter, they would not let me look out of the window, but I tried to look anyway, and they kept pushing me back down on the litter.

    It was a lifeflight helicopter, and I was bleeding badly, I would have liked to have seen the countryside, passing underneath me, one of those million dollar experiences, you wouldn't give 2 cents to go thru again.

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