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Thread: Pretty sure the Yahoo Travel contributor just slipped up...

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    Default Pretty sure the Yahoo Travel contributor just slipped up...

    So it's late, and I was milling about the interwebs and stumble upon this yahoo travel article. It's a bogus state-by-state list of funny colloquialisms. Nothing special. However, I get to Iowa and lo and behold:


    What the rest of us call a “wedgie” seems to have a softer-sounding version in Iowa, where they call it a “snuggie.” Yup, like the diapers."

    I went down to the comments to see if anyone called it and found a few people asking what the heck a snuggie diaper was.


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    Interesting. I don't see anything else directly related so far on any of there other post. Could just be something they wrote down, then googled realized what it was and went with it.

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