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Thread: AMD vs Intel

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    I want to see people preferences on your favorite CPU manufacturer (If you have one), but i don't want to see stupid answers like "Amd's better because its more reliable" or "Intels better because its faster" without any true stories or resources to back it up. Also i don't want to see this turn into a big fanboy argument over which one is better ( i just want to see which manufacturer people prefer).

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    The last thing I read that I would consider unbiased was that the Intel quad cores were faster processors than the Phenoms, but not by a lot, and that was after Intel went to the 45nm architecture. Their thoughts were that when AMD goes to the smaller architecture, it will be producing the superior processors. That said, I've got a Phenom (like 1.8 Ghz on each core, the slowest one) and I am more than happy with it. The 4 gig of RAM and the 650 gig HDD don't hurt either.

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    Yeah they are faster (Intel) but the advantage about Amd is the cheaper prices for what you get. besides like you just proved most the the top end processors are overkill on the power today...

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    Quote Originally Posted by codered View Post
    Yeah they are faster (Intel) but the advantage about Amd is the cheaper prices for what you get. besides like you just proved most the the top end processors are overkill on the power today...
    Not if you play games. Anyways I like Intel over AMD and I have computers with both.

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    I have three computers with AMD CPU's.
    When I got my new Athlon X2 2.6Ghz, the computer tech at the store was very knowlegable, and said, the differences are very small. And no that wasn't Best Buy. it was a system builders computer store.
    AMD's supposedly generate more heat, but if you have a good cooler it shouldn't be a problem.
    Right now the cpu temp is 33C and the MB is 29C with the cpu fan turning at 2947rpm and the chassis fan turning 1394 rpm.
    Asus has the coolest monitoring utilities.
    Hmmm, I'm not sure what the printer has in it, but now I am going to find out.
    I got the AMD for the price vs performance factor, and I always root for the underdog, LOL.
    I also trust IBM. I have an IBM Aptiva that I use for a music server, and it has an AMD-K6-333Mhz CPU.
    That thing is rock solid, it's a little slow sometimes, but it never crashes.
    When I got it, it was running fine, but I thought I'd clean it out anyway.
    There was so much dust in there you couldn't even see the components on the motherboard, and the cpu heatsink fins were totally filled in, there was zero air flow though there and it still wasn't overheating.
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    i use both, depends on what comp im building, but intel performs better for the os but i find amd is good for dos

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    To be honest, I don't really know much about the current AMDs or Intels. Seeign as I've only bought Macs since they switched from PowerPCs I'm pretty much stuck with Intel anyway. So far they've worked out great for me, but then again, what do I have to compare them to?

    From my PC days I remember favoring AMDs, but only because they were kind of the underdogs. I never really had anything to back it up with. I don't know, maybe I felt sorry for the older ones that were prone to overheating and starting fires

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    Stupid topic. Looking at Phenom X2 and Core2Quad Processors they are quite equal atm.
    But this is subject to change. When Core2 came out there was nothing equal AMD could offer while they outperformed Intel the generation before...

    Read recent benchmarks, reviews and tech news as you plan to upgrade.

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    Looking back at my computers, I've never had a AMD. 3 x Pentium II, 2 x Pentium 4, 1 x Pentium M, 2 x Core 2 Duo. So I'm not qualified to comment on AMD versus Intel. The one thing is AFAIK, AMD markets itself as more affordable.

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    I like AMD better as a company but I will buy whatever one is the best that's in my price range.

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