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Thread: Today I lived dangerously

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    Default Today I lived dangerously

    I decided that I wanted to change my diaper while on the road, and so I decided I would give it a try. I pulled off to the side of the road on a 65MPH Highway, the car was on a slant, so I was a little lower than than normal, and I changed my diaper from the driver seat. As far as I could tell, there would have been no reasonable way for anybody to tell. My back windows are tinted, so they would have to look at me right as they passed, and anybody approaching from in front would not be able to see because of my steering wheel and dash. It was actually surprisingly easy to take care of that way, and since it was kinda in the middle of nowhere, I wasn't too afraid of being noticed.

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    Could never do that on our roads, cops are too curious of pulled over cars and our toll road is watched like a hawk, I pulled over once not even 30 seconds and a "helper vehicle" was right behind me asking if I was okay....

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    Whenever I am changing in public I get all shaky and nervous.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RainbowDash728 View Post
    Cools what kind of feelings were you feelin while doing this
    I was a little nervous. Not butterflies nervous, just nervous in general. But it was extremely rewarding to feel free to change my diaper when I wanted to. It kinda makes me feel more like a baby because diapers are just more commonplace.

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    I have trouble changing in a sitting position. I just can't do it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mattew View Post
    I have trouble changing in a sitting position. I just can't do it.
    Well, if the seat is laid back a bit it isn't as bad.

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    True. Laying the seat back can help. I think it's just how I'm positioned. It's not completely flat, like how I've learned, so I have some trouble. Only tried this once or twice.

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    I really could never do that, but good job, anyway.

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    I find changing in the car seat challenging, I miss align the diaper quite often when I try that.

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