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Thread: The 2015 Furry Survey (Now with ABDL Questions!)

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    Post The 2015 Furry Survey (Now with ABDL Questions!)

    Hi, Babyfurs :3

    Some of you might know the international furry surveys that took place in the last few years (except 2014). Those surveys were always helpful for any person that wants to know more about the composition of the furry population. Especially regarding sexual orientation etc.

    Until this year it was not possible to mention your own interest in Age play and diapers. but now it is!

    This is the chance to show the furry fandom how many of us there really are.

    So please take 15 Minutes of your time to take part in this survey. It could be really helpful for future legitimation of the babyfur community.

    --> <--



    P.S: Sorry for any typos, english is not my first language ^^'

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    Completed. Hopefully others will take the time as well

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    I finished it too.

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    Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Will be interesting to see what comes from this.

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    What an interesting survey o.o thanks for sharing m8

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    I just completed it.

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