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Thread: How do you change diapers?

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    Default How do you change diapers?

    So how do you change diapers?
    I usually pretend that I am baby so I ley on the back and then clean mimyself, and if it's messy diaper I put the diaper off and shower 😊

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    I prefer to lay down. It's easier for me. I know some people that hate having to do a lay down change, and will only change standing up. I always have problems with stand-up changes. So I don't wear outside of the house much, unless I can go back home for a quick change. I really don't like doing a stand up change in a public restroom.

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    I change standing up unless I'm going to bed. I find that if I'm up, out and about, standing and sitting I get a better fit if I change in a standing position. If I'm laying down for bed I almost always change into a fresh diaper. If I don't, chances are the fit will be off. That, and I don't like to go to bed in a wet diaper.

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    I change laying down on my back and then readjust as needed once I'm standing.

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    I change while standing up. I have a really hard time getting it put on right while laying down, for some reason.

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    Usually lying down on a stolen (accidentally) hotel towel that serves as a makeshift changing pad. Recently I've begun using baby powder, less because I need it and more for the overall effect (I'm not an AB). If I'm changing out of a wet diaper I use Pampers wipes for clean up. I use a garbage can as a diaper pail, which I then line with regular plastic bags. My roommate knows I wear so I'm a lot less paranoid about the disposal than I otherwise would be

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    i lay down when i get diapered, i've tried doing it standing up and i feel it would take forever to get lined up properly doing that, (for some reason i hafta be a perfectionist when diapering myself, don't know why x-x)

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    I find I get a MUCH better and more comfortable fit if I put my diaper on standing holding the rear in place with my butt against the wall while taping them up.

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    At home in bed, I lie down to change myself.
    I have changed myself sitting on the porcelain potty chair at home or away from home.
    Even with having a milder form of Cerebral Palsy, I find changing my own wet and/or dirty diapers laborious.

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