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Thread: Abdl friends and community

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    Default Abdl friends and community

    How many of you have abdl friend in real life? And how did you find abdl friend?
    I was thinking, and I think that abdl comucommunity is more virtual then real. And where are you from?
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    I've found a few friends IRL. Many I met on this site & after messaging with them on here, Skype & Teamspeak; we were able to meet.

    One friend in particular was a gateway for me to meet a ton of others that are members here. He'd already been friends with several others IRL.

    I'm very private about this stuff, so meeting IRL is a bit outside of my comfort zone. But after being able to meet with some of my friends multiple times, it's helped me to open up. I've made some really good friends with the help of ADSIC.

    I'm from Oklahoma. I've probably met somewhere around 10-15 people from this site IRL. All done safety after getting to know them. Don't rush to meet someone if you do try to meet.

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    I've been to a few munches and have some people I'd consider casual friends. I've also got a couple friends that aren't ABDL, but are willing to indulge my weirdness enough to discuss it or allow me to wear around them.

    I think the big thing isn't so much having ABDL friends though. The thing that's important is having friends that you like and trust. And who can know you and still like and support you. That's what friendship is really about, I think: being close enough to someone else that their happiness makes you happy and vice versa.

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    The only ABDL friend I have is my fiancÚ. We both really want meet other ABDL's but living is Salt Lake City makes it a challenge to find others.

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    I think that for diaper lover who is from Europe is more difficult to find abdl friends, especially if they comes from small countries.

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    I was offered invites to meet ABDL friends in real life. Even the FW Owner invited me but I could not accept due to my mom but I do have plans on meeting some good friends in the future.

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    I've yet to attempt to find ab/dl's IRL. Currently I don't like to drive long distance, and can't anyway because of parents.
    Nearest munch to me is easily over 6 or 7 hours just to get there not even to drive back.

    Also I'm kinda a paranoid person when it comes to meeting random people I don't know. I haven't tried meeting people from the internet or other ab/dl's, but I have tried to talk to programers/network admins in my area. Only once did that not end badly.

    I haven't met anyone yet, I plan on it some day just not for a long time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nik92 View Post
    I think that for diaper lover who is from Europe is more difficult to find abdl friends, especially if they comes from small countries.
    I think all countries have their own challenges, unless you're living in a major city. Take me for example, I live in a predominately rural State in the US. For me to be able to meet with others, I have to drive over 200 miles (320+ KM), to get to a major city; since my state doesn't really have much of a public transportation system, except for within a few large cities.

    But I can't complain too much. What both of us experience probably isn't anything compared to what a person living in the Australian Outback would experience trying to meet others. They might have to drive a thousand miles, one way.

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    I by accident saw name of my city mentioned on facebook on a group.

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