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    So, I am restocking soon, and it's now a toss-up between the new Rearz Spoiled, or Snuggies. Cost really isn't that much of an issue for me... I'm leaning towards Snuggies, based on the overall look of the diaper, but I have heard good things about AgeComfort's shipping time, etc., and not much good things about Snuggies shipping times. That said, any fellow Canadians ordered from Snuggies recently? How was your experience with the whole process? Did they arrive in a timely manner? I'm cautious about placing my order with Snuggies because, well, I'm impatient. I don't doubt I'll be satisfied with the product, but I don't want to wait upwards of a month to get it... (Please note: I did do a search of ADISC and couldn't readily find an answer to my question.)

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    I used to love this site, but, based on the extreme lack of response from the last couple posts I've made, would I get better response if I said something like, "OMG, my Dad saw my wet diaper", followed by, do you all think I should by Snuggies, because they hold more pee than the cheap store-brand I've been buying.... Jeepers, I asked a simple question, looking for a simple answer.. ADISC has lent me little to no "support" as stated in the name of said site, so, please,
    If anyone's bought Snuggies in Canada, it would make me happy to know how it went...

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    I'm sorry I have not bought Snuggies diapers, but I can confirm that is a great company to deal with, and has quick shipping.

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    Rearz Spoiled, as far as I can tell without having personally tried them, are way higher capacity and better performance-wise than Snuggies. On the other hand, Snuggies are more discreet and I love the print on them - way more adorable than Spoiled. It's going to really be up to you - shipping will probably be a bit extra to Canada from the Snuggies people.

    Also, don't be mad if it takes a few hours for someone to respond - you posted at a time when not that many people are active, and sometimes it takes 24 hours or so for people who can respond to your thread to do so.

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    I've never tried Snuggies. However, I have had a couple of experiences that convinced me never to order things from a supplier that ships from outside Canaada. There is no customs duty and in Ontario at least no HST on adult diapers. However, when you get a package sent from abroad, there is a moderate chance that it will be inspected and that you will have to pay a customs broker fee even though there is no duty on the item, and that fee is in the neighbourhood of $50. When the package arrives, you can either pay the fee or refuse delivery and lose whatever money you paid for the item ordered. The first time that happened to me, I thought it was just a fluke because I had ordered things a number of times before and not had a problem. However, when it happened a second time, I decided to stop ordering stuff from foreign sources.

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    Ya, I have had similar customs and duty issues when ordering from USA before, but those were very large items, but that's not to say it couldn't happen with a case of adult diapers. I might have to just get a sample of Rearz Spoiled, and see if I like them, then decide from there...

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