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Thread: Lol sup!!!!

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    Default Lol sup!!!!

    ZOMG sup, I like totally haven't been on this site in FOREVER!!!!! Nyways, yeah. I'm back.

    I still am on the IRC A lot, so most of you probably didn't miss me, but meh.

    I didn't really leave it's just, I had access to most of yous via IRC, besides mandi!!!!! Nyways, I started feeling uncomfortable posting because I'm no AB/DL and I didn't exactly know what to say. Well I'm back, I missed you guys too much . Yes, I'm making a whole new intro. Some new info on my life XD:

    I've pretty much come out to all my friends, yay for friends!
    Apparently I'm a flamer now, well that's what some of them say XD!
    I've been really depressed lately, too much shit in my life, but I've been like really supah hyper O.o, dunno why, you can probably tell that by this post though =/.

    Anyways, yeah my fingers are starting to hurt, Imma like totally SLOW DOWN, and probably end this soon...

    Oh and btw, yeah, I'm a fur now. I kept getting pulled into the fandom by friends and shit, and I've loved the art and stories for a while now, then I was just like fuck it, and I'm a fur lol XD! I dun usually RP but I will sometimes =/.

    Yay for end of post?

    Oh I forgot, I won't be coming on the site as much as usual, I got my comp moved out of my room... wewt for bad grades??? Anyways, I'm hoping that soon I will be getting it moved back in once I bring my grades up, which I have all A's XD, well as far as I know nyways. And yeah, then I'll be on more!

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    Welcome back!

    By the way, I had nothing to do with anything you hear in his post..

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    lol. Keep quiet.. people are gonna think we're doing something. =/

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    Maybeh we r O.o. Jk.

    Btw, me and Jon are NOT dating XD lol, apparently that was going around or something?

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    -.-, well I rem something about it, and I'm pretty sure you were the one who told me, mabeh I could check my chat logs, but I'm too lazy atm.

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    Welcome back on the forum!

    Well, I often saw you on IRC during these months so I knew you hadn't disappeared

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