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Thread: I have a problem

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    So, I've been wearing this Bellisimo for 12 hrs and haven't used it. I've been using the potty and waiting to use the diaper when I get home. Problem is, I just got back from the bathroom and noticed a whole inside my diaper with the padding leaking out. What did I do? ITs happened 2 days in a row? Thanks

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    I would contact Bambino and tell them that. I have found that they are not the best if you try to use the restroom instead of the diaper. They are fun when you are not wanting to stop and use the restroom. In my experience (your mileage may vary) the best for that is Snuggies, depend real fit, or the CVS day and night diapers in that order.

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    Hmm, I've never had that happen. I'm curious myself. One guess might be a tape is tearing off part of the diaper when you're shifting it to go potty. Be extra careful where all the tapes are when you move it.

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    I had that experience with them years ago too. Not sure what to do besides talk to Bambino about it.

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    It just sucks because now I wasted a diaper

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    Quote Originally Posted by gnd567 View Post
    It just sucks because now I wasted a diaper
    That has never happened. Might be defective diapers or tape ripage.

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    I've never used Bambinos.. this place has some serious import restrictions (ugh).. but it can be easily solved with scotch tape to prevent any damage on the front or any other part of the diaper. I had lots of issues with the plastic backing of my Indaslip diapers but i solved it with that tape. the thing is the plastic cover is too thin and it breaks leaking all the sap..

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    I guess I should have been more clear. Its on the inside. In the butt.

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    If it's on the inside, is it a problem? You could still use it. Just be very careful to keep everything together when you change.

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