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Thread: How do we find someone?

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    Default How do we find someone?

    I guess we have all been here, and many still are. I just wanted to bring it back up to find advice, or really anything. Hopefully more inspiration than anything. So how do we find a relationship that is amazing but also incorporates ab/dl?

    I personally have told 3 girl friends now about my desires. Of course none where interested but they were good enough people to understand and listen. Now that I am newly single I just think how great in would be to meet a girl who was into the same thing or at least kinda the same stuff! I want a real relationship. Not one just because we are both abdl. I want to share that but also have the same morals and be attracted to each other and love each other for more than just our fetish.

    Again I guess this is the never ending struggle. But it is one I felt the need to bring up and vent a little about. Ya'll are great!

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    I've found 3 in my town but its as you said they don't share my same values but there is hope the world is a big place I'm sure we will all find someone even if they are not an abdl I am sure we can find someone who will accept us no matter what as long as we are true with our hearts and passion.

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    I love your outlook! That's what I always try to say. Just so hard to count on!

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    Yeah I tend to be hopeful I just work hard in hopes one day I will run into my special someone.

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    I think the most important thing is to not stop trying. It's a lot easier to unintentionally build up an idea of a perfect mate when you aren't grounded in reality.

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    True in so many ways.

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    I guess it is possible but really the chances of finding a loving partner that's not related to your ABDL is much higher

    The thing is, that you've got a fair chance of someone that truly loves you, coming to accept your differences. I'm not saying that would be easy, just likely.

    In reality, there is more to life than just ABDL and you've got to be happy all round.

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    I am lucky to be getting married to someone who is also an ABDL but even if I wasn't into being an ABDL I would still love him. I think that's the most important thing about a good relationship is to love your partner no matter what. Your partner is your most important supporter and needs to be someone who stands by your side no matter what.

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    I'm in the process of looking, and at least for the moment, I'm simply trying many different things. I've been to some munches, I'm on fetlife, and I have a more normal profile on OKCupid. I figure something or other will work out, or I'll just meet someone normally.

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    Are you on Fetlife? That is the best way to find locals or at least munches.

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