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Thread: What Was Your First Car?

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    Default What Was Your First Car?

    Little bit of fun Thread does what it says on the tin!
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    Mine was a 1961 Rambler. It had the front seats that folded back toward the back, making a make out bed. It had an anemic six cylinder engine that couldn't get out of its own way. I still managed to push it to its limits. It also had a manual shift, three on the column. Still, it was my first set of wheels and I went everywhere with it.

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    First one that was all mine: Buick Skylark with 200k miles. AC didn't work, but it'd been kept in good shape on the exterior & interior. Drove it until it had almost 500k miles

    I say first one that was mine, because it was the first one that was completely mine. I'd had others that I basically shared with my siblings. We had a Nissan Pick-up, & a Ford Explorer. My parents sold my car, without my knowledge...very sad...I had padding hidden in the trunk...miss that car...& the diapers...

    I've currently got several trucks.

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    My first car was a 1951 Plymouth with a flathead 6 cyl engine and a 3 speed on the collom. It also had 15"
    tube type tires. I kept it until I got my first full time job after I graduated from high school. I think I paid
    $150.00 for the car.

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    Learned to drive on a 63 VW Kombi. Clutch and shifting on something with only 40 hp, and 10ft of cables pulling the linkage was a challenge to say the least. Expressway speed was only achieved with a light load and a tailwind.

    First car purchased on my own, a new '74 Gremlin. 3 on the floor, and decent power out of the straight six in a relatively small car. Handling was really questionable until I changed out the stock tires for a decent set of radials. Rear drive with no weight over the axle meant a lot of tirespin and fishtail if you dumped the clutch.

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    '89 Mazda pickup. Carbureted four cylinder mated to a five speed with throws so vague you felt like you were rowing. It didn't have many things going for it, though fuel economy was decent. Speed was nowhere on the books. It topped out around 75mph.

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    My first car was a real rust bucket! A 1982 Honda Civic.
    I bought it just after I was done with my army duty when I was 20, just to have something to get me around during the winter.

    I paid around 2000 SEK for it (about 240$ in todays currency conversion)
    But I got almost half of that back when I scrapped it

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    2002 Saab 9-5 purchased 2 years ago. It was good for the first year but is now turning into a maintenance nightmare, so I am trying to get a new car, though it probably won't happen until after I graduate.

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