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Thread: Terrorist Moose run rampant in Canada

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    Default Terrorist Moose run rampant in Canada

    There were approximately 18,000 people killed by terrorists globally in 2013. Car accidents killed 70 times more.

    In Canada, only two people have died in terrorism attacks over the last decade. Moose are far more likely to kill you.

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    That's the classic risk/reward argument and established vs unusual risk.

    In general, driving to work every day is probably the riskiest behaviour the average person partakes in. Your chances of dying in a car accident are actually pretty damn high relative to just about everything else we actually worry about, however it's an established risk and the reward is high enough that we shrug and do it anyway.

    Reducing the speed limits on highways to say, 50kph (~30mph) would probably save a ridiculous number of lives, but most people (including myself) would rather take the risk that we'll be that unlucky one than add an hour or so to our daily commute.

    The fact that newsworthy (and thus likely uncommon) events with relatively insignificant death tolls get more attention than far more likely and common causes of death is just one of those realities that most people understand but still act irrationally about.

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    It looks like you finally caught up with my plushie, Moose! He is a terrorist in as much as he likes to rub up against my wife and jumps on her face. She says he feels like carpet and tells him to keep off. If he doesn't, she throws him! I'm afraid Moose is the bad one of my plushies.

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    In the farming community the one with the bad name is the bull, in Ireland a few farmers are killed each year by them. They tend to be more aggressive during the mating season, or in early summer when being irritated by the emergence of the May Fly.

    The joke is there are no equivalent statistics kept on his equally as dangerous multiple wives, these kill as many and injure even more than the husband. The cow is most dangerous after calving, the only mistake the farmer has to make is to interrupt her line of sight to the calf while in the pen with them. If you make the classic mistake of walking your dog through a field with cattle in it, do note there will always only be only one bull in there, so the subsequent herding and stampeding over your good self and accompanying mut - could assuredly be considered for the better part a ladies only sport.

    Don't bother, its off the deep end - obviously.

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