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Thread: Japenese SchoolGirl Outfits?

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    Red face Japenese SchoolGirl Outfits?

    Who else likes them? I recently bought one from the salavation army for around $3.00 including tax and I absolutely love it! I had been searching for about ten years (when I was 13) for one and I honestly never thought I would find one, espicially not at a thrift shop! It is missing a few things though, the Sailor Moon-esque red bow and that neck thing, whatever the hell that is (I'm not even sure if that's standard issue for a sailor suit styled uniform), so I have to somehow obtain the right bow for it and find the neck thing (which is harder than it looks considering that I have no clue what it's called or where to find it.). In other words, it's not complete yet, but I'm glad that I found the hard part first.

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    With you on this one! I'd love to try the look but never had the courage to date. Might try it for fancy dress post transition though!

    Ebay is a good source for these costumes. I just looked...


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    You can actually get them via various cheap online cosplay shops and cheap on eBay, in a massive range of styles, for cheap. Like $20-$80 depending on style and quality.

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    They are not only just super cute but they are also just so adaptable in some ways. I just feel like there is lots of ways to wear one. I love them.

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    Oh, I've seen the Sailor Moon dresses on Ebay myself and I think they are simply adorable. I am on the verge of buying one that I like (and its relatively inexpensive), but ponder to myself if a big thigh gal is best for it or if I'd look better slimmed down a tad.

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    I love them and I would like to own one that is authentic. I have plans to buy at least one but I'm not in any position to do so yet. I have seen some that I do like on cosplay shops online that I will be looking at.

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    Yeah I love how those outfits look they are adorable I have been thinking of purchasing some too they are just too cute.

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    I love Japanese schoolgirl outfits. I would like to get one someday. I am not in a position to buy one right now though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JazzBaby View Post
    I love Japanese schoolgirl outfits. I would like to get one someday. I am not in a position to buy one right now though.
    Someday Jazz someday XD

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    A school girl dress does sound quite fun. I'll probably buy one if I can get a place of my own someday.

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