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Thread: How to control the smell of a messy diaper.

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    Post How to control the smell of a messy diaper.

    What is the best way you have found to reduce the smell of a messy diaper. I love hanging around in a messy diaper but the only issue is to control the smell so no one else knows I'm in a diaper let alone a messy one.

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    I know Molicare diapers have excellent odor control. I honestly don't know what else you could do, a messy diaper is gonna stink because that's just what messes do.

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    I think it's impossible to fully hide the smell of a mess but they make Fecal deodorizer pills and also I've found plastic pants help contain the smell of it pretty well. Combining both of those would be the only idea I have.

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    Plastic pants! I wouldn't even think about messing my diaper without a pair on firstly in case of leaks and secondly a good pair will seal to your skin pretty well, I've spent a good hour or so with a full diaper and never smelt a thing until I opened it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lilsteve View Post
    [...] I've spent a good hour or so with a full diaper and never smelt a thing until I opened it
    Tricky one Plastic pants do help, but they don't seal off of the stink entirely and your sense of smell gets used to the bit the still escapes. It also depends on a lot of other things (without going into too much detail) like what you ate before, consistency etc.

    Duct-tape might help, though.

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    I heard that you could take chlorophyll pills and they would turn off all the odor. But that includes all body odor too. Not sure how accurate that is as I have never tried it.

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    It's been said already - and I agree - plastic pants do a pretty darn good job of controlling the odor. I too enjoy being in a messy diaper for longer than 5 minutes...but I understand it's probably not the healthiest for my skin...or for anyone's nose!

    But if my wife and kids are away I'll throw on some plastic pants and turn on the scentsy! Usually does the trick...also clean up in the bathroom with the exhaust fan helps to keep it under control.

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    well i'm not used to mess my diaper...yet.. :$ but i recommend rubber pants (not plastic...) for odor control. Needless to say that they can be a bit uncomfortable at first, even if they are a stretchy but they make a perfect seal between the legs.

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