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    Im more than a little obsessed with the tv show. I love Jack I think hes more than a little hot. Him and when Charlie was still alive (who should still be alive the water couldnt have gotten past the window leaving an air pocket). But I also love the mystery of the show. Is anyone else a fan of the show? Come on I'm sure some of you are.

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    I would make love to the show if possible.

    I've only just realised that I can watch the episodes online, so I've had a bit of a Lost binge recently catching up with season 4...

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    Seen all the episodes up until the recent Season 5 one.

    To be honest, that's the only reason I keep watching the show!

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    I loce the show, has been following it since the beginning and I must say I am happy that finaly atleast some of the questionsabout the island starts to get answered.

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    The one question I want answered more then any other is "Why the hell was Libby in the mental hospital!?" and when will we see more of her.

    Also is anyone else shocked that all the black people die in the show, asides from Walt so far? It's obliviously because they are black.

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    Love the show. I'll be watvhing the new episode tonight for sure.

    Anyone else find Kate really annoying? I don't know if it's the actor or the charator or what, but I dun like her.

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    Hurley is cool and casting Cheech Marin as his father was even cooler.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fire2box View Post
    Also is anyone else shocked that all the black people die in the show, asides from Walt so far? It's obliviously because they are black.
    Rose hasn't died yet, either. And there are plenty of white people who have died as well...

    But anyway, yeah, I love Lost. Ben is probably my favorite character... Him or Desmond.

    I've heard a lot of people say Kate was annoying, Chillhouse, but I never really saw it myself, maybe because I thought her story was pretty interesting. Jack, on the other hand... Well, I wish they had killed him off in the pilot, like they had originally planned on doing. Though, to be honest, he has had a couple interesting episodes, so I guess he's not all bad; I just wish he didn't get so many of them.
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    definitely a fan of the show! cannot wait until the new one tonight

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    I said Hurley and meant Hugo. Cracked me up when he told Siad that if he ate more comfort food he wouldn't have to go around killing people.

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