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Thread: Greetings from alek :D

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    Default Greetings from alek :D

    Sooo i thought i might pop in and introduce myself to everyone. Names aleksander based on my profile picture im a babfur have been since 2010.
    Im somewhat active in the furry community but i really don't get around much with the general abdl community outside the fandom. So this is my attempt to mingle with some new peeps.

    If you guys wanna know my interests im a self described historian (no phd so i won't call myself a real one) i studied heavily in the ancient and classical world and some info on post roman collapse europe (around the time of the early kingdoms that filled the power vacuum left by the fall of more) And i study military theory and tactics as a hobby

    Im a bit of a swordsman infact i pride myself on the 2 years of experience i have gained through training with the spca in PA when i lived there.

    Other than that i love meteorology and anything to do with predictions (don't go to me for the lotto numbers i won't do you any favors for the pocket book xD)

    And i love being helpful on forums when i can and give advice. Shoot me a message i would love to talk ^-^

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    Well g'day there Aleksander and welcome. Always nice to see a new kid on the block. Nice intro. I look forward to seeing you around the place. Cute avatar btw.

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    Welcome along! I'm guessing SPCA doesn't stand for 'Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals' as it does in the UK

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    No not all xD and to be honest i never once asked what the acronym actually meant out of disinterest ill toss a message to my old mentor and ask what it is.

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    Welcome! I started as a furry back in 1997-1998. That's cool that your a history buff

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    Hi Alekofaugustgrad, that was a nice introduction.
    It was very interesting.
    Welcome to ADISC.

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