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Thread: LOL...stupid mom online doesn't know....

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    Default LOL...stupid mom online doesn't know....

    YouTube - Gerber Cloth Diapers - Is It A Joke?

    apparently she thinks cloth diapers are a joke........USE PLASTIC PANTS RETARD!!!

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    ...Some people should not be allowed to have kids, because they're too stupid to raise em right...

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    man man


    AMEN! If I (age 13) can figure that out i garentee that she could.

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    rofl wow shes a lil slow XD

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    Okay, ya'll. Come on.

    Clearly she's never used a cloth diaper before, so how could she know?

    I didn't know. It took me about ten minutes to figure out what she'd done wrong, and even then it was a new fact for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TB29 View Post
    ...Some people should not be allowed to have kids, because they're too stupid to raise em right...
    I second that. I wonder if she was dropped on her head as a baby.

    now i'm tired and hungry and it's 3:09am

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    ALL cloth diapers have to have plastic pants ALL the time? I never knew that to be honest, but yeah she was a liiiiiiiiiiittle slow. A little. Slow.

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    Wow, that lady needs to use some common sense. I mean just look at a disposable there's a water proof cover and an absorbent core, why would a cloth diaper be any different?

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    In this world of quick and disposable products, you can't really blame her for not knowing. Now, if there was a clear indication that plastic pants are needed with cloth diapers, on the cloth diaper package, then I would have to agree that some sense is needed. Otherwise, it's a bit much to jump all over her for not knowing. For us, it's pretty obvious, since, you know...We're into these things.

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