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    Hey everyone!

    So my wife is very supportive of my AB/DL side. She occasionally changes me and is okay with me wearing diapers and everything like that. But I was wondering how we can spice things up. Do any of yall have a list of rules that we could follow? Liked forced diapering, changing times, off limits toilets, ect...any would be greatly appreciated!


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    Sounds exciting. My husband and I do not have any rules. He just suggests things and most of them are fun when we try them. SIDF is a nice set of rules. If you like it you could do it more often maybe.

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    You might purchase Natalie Bent's book, "There's a Baby In My Bed". I'm pretty sure it's on Kindle. She gives lots of ideas, though some of them go quite far. Still, you can try something which might appeal to you. Do you read diaper stories on other sites like DD? You can get ideas from some of those stories as well.

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