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Thread: Anybody go to bed in a damp/wet diaper?

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    Default Anybody go to bed in a damp/wet diaper?

    Does anyone here go to bed with an already damp/wet diaper? Although I love the feeling of a wet squishy diaper I can't seem to get comfortable going to bed that way, I'm not sure why. Maybe I think my diaper will leak even though I have only very infrequent (a couple of times a year), minor nighttime wetting which my protection handles well. Does anyone else have these same feelings/experiences?

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    It can be wet or dry, as far as I'm concerned. There are good things to either one.

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    If I think I have room to make it through the night, then I'll go with what I'm wearing. If I don't, I won't. If I feel like I might have a leak (i.e. any time I'm wearing a disposable to bed), I have trouble getting to sleep.

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    If I wear in the evening, I'll sometimes go to bed with an already wet diaper. I like the feeling and I sleep fine wet or dry.

    I will say though, almost all the leaks I've had were waking up at night and going in an already wet diaper, then crawling back into bed. I have mixed feelings about it because wetting so much that my diaper leaves a wet spot on the bed makes me feel very childish in a good way, but the cleanup is a pain in the neck.

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    I change into a dry cloth diaper before I go to bed. After I get into bed usually within 15 mins I'm wet and then fall asleep.

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    Before I started wetting during the night I would wet my diaper every night before falling asleep, but now I usually hold it and usually make it all night, but it is great fun when I do not. I still would go to bed in a damp diaper if I thought it could hold enough to last the night, but don't do it very often. Last night all I had was the covers over and a pad under me and it only got a little damp while I was cuddling with my husband. He didn't sleep under the covers so what a waste of a night. I could have put on a diaper and doubled up on my water and been a happy girl this morning.

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    I usually only sleep in a dry one, when I do go to bed with one on. It's only been recently that I've been able to sleep while wearing a wet one. If i do, it has to be a high capacity one, with only a single wetting. Otherwise I can feel the wetness, & since it's something I'm not used too, it can keep me awake.

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    Since I don't wet the bed, going to sleep with a wet diaper is about the only way I can wake up wet. I've had some successful, safe wetting instances, but they require a lot of prep and I'm lazy. I love falling asleep wet!

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