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Thread: Possible diaper delivery service in Charlotte Nc

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    Default Possible diaper delivery service in Charlotte Nc

    I drive for Uber as my full time job, and I'm a DL.
    I thought of something the other day and decided to act on it, but would love feedback from y'all.

    I'm planning a diaper delivery service in the city of Charlotte, NC.
    My first advertisement is on Craigslist and will explore other markets, but my primary focus of this post is feedback and logistics.

    What is the best place to buy cases of:
    Tena (without importing)
    Dry 24/7
    Molicare <-- actually have a local supplier
    And any others I'm missing (please do chime in and let me know)

    Also would any of you pay for a $5-10 delivery fee on top of a low percentage markup? (For profit of corse - that's the point!)

    If you were like me, who is very impulsive and knew of a service to get a hold of a pack of your favorite diapers same-day for $10-12 more then online prices; would you do it??

    I have set up a few ads, and acting ability is dependent on response volume. If I also mentioned that anybody who responds to my first email will recieve a discount, so incentive has been placed.

    In synopsis: Would YOU call somebody to deliver diapers to our home/place for a fee same-day?

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    I hope it works for you! I am not sure people would be willing to pay more for a consumable product like diapers just to have them same-day. Items that last a long time, yeah, but people go through diapers quickly and I think tend to order them before they run out so that they have more by the time they are indeed out of padding. Just a thought though.

    You might have luck with an on-demand diaper *change* service...something I've thought about trying out. Think about it. If you could pay five bucks (or I dunno, ten or whatever) to have someone change you, wouldn't you want to give that a shot? I know I would. And that's a service someone might need every day.

    Just kicking some ideas around.

    BTW, I'm an Uber driver as well.

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    Heh, I don't know how my wife would react if I brought up a changing service. But I've considered on expanding my personal stash anyhow, might as well sell a few in the process
    I've seen quite a few people selling them 2-5 at a time on eBay, so that market has interested me as well.

    Btw do you drive X or black, & what city?
    I've been kickin' butt out in Charlotte driving for X

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    I actually used to sell 2 packs of Cushies on eBay myself. Wasn't great money but it essentially paid for my own diapers from the profit.

    I drive for X in Los Angeles and Ventura. A lot of people think I'm a black car though, cause it's a black/black high-end new Fusion with leather and all that. Helps with the ratings I'm sure.

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