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Thread: How To Regress?

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    Default How To Regress?

    I've had a scoot around other threads like this but none have really hit the spot. I've never really felt able to regress, I know I want to and I have a genuine feeling for it but I don't really know how. A lot of it is down to time and when I can spare a few hours I usually socialise but also the fact that I have always had since I was young, responsibilities above my age. I won't say being ABDL feels wrong but it certainly is a polar opposite to the everyday me, I know the age I like to feel is between 6 and 10 - the sort of age I was living in the states before I came back and it all went wrong (trying to avoid going off topic and depressing but I knew what I wanted to do in life and my parents were always very nurturing and that helped hugely with focusing on my end goal, which has allowed me to have a successful life). But I don't really know what to do to achieve regression, I watch cartoons and that fairly often but I watch them because I just enjoy them.

    I'm sorry that most of my recent threads are 'help me' and I'm trying to space them out so that I'm actually contributing as well as taking.

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    There's nothing wrong with asking for help no matter how much you need. Not to worry.

    My experience is that regression varies person to person. For example, I don't really switch modes to a whole new age, but I do some babyish things. If I have time when I watch cartoons, I'll put on a diaper, my footie pajamas, and sometimes grab a plushie. I'm also sometimes more expressive when I'm dressed like that, such as bouncing in my chair, making exclamations or talking to my plushies. Especially if the show is good.

    There are others on here that can tell you about much stronger regressing experiences: seeong the world in a truly different light.

    What I think is important is to be yourself. Think about why you know you want to regress and when you feel that way strongly. And if you have time, try to recreate those feelings and just once, let yourself go.

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    I typically regress well. I may not even be in the mood, but if I put on a diaper anyway, it seems to turn a switch on. I suspect that some of us are just hardwired to regress, and I'm one of them. That said, when that switch is turned on, I'm thinking, "I'm a baby, I'm a baby, etc." The idea of being diapered really turns me on and either in my mind, or even vocally, I might say something like, "I like being diapered. Look, I'm diapered, etc."

    If I'm in bed going to sleep, and I'm diapered, I'm running a story line in my head, being a kid, but maybe having to wear diapers, etc. I think you have to enjoying being a baby or a toddler, and can't have any feelings of guilt or feelings of misgiving, at least not while you're doing it. It's something I want and therefor, something I enjoy while it's happening. I hope that helps a little bit.

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    I totally know where you're coming from with your "polar opposite" feelings. My first few times trying to regress were rather bumpy as well; my trigger didn't exactly kick me into gear right away at first. If your yearning is indeed genuine, then your trigger will eventually absolve you of your feelings of guilt. Most of us have been raised to believe this is taboo, afterall, so it takes a bit more effort to undo that.

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    Kind of like Dogboy has said, there seems to be some hard wiring involved, and providing the right environment just triggers an alternate mind set. I liken it somewhat, to lucid dreaming in that you are experiencing a different reality and at the same time aware that it is not reality. Once in that regressed mindset it's pretty easy to maintain it. Unfortunately, I can't really offer any advice other than providing an appropriate environment and allowing a natural state of mind to emerge.

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    ...I wasn't able to regress, for the first time, until after I had the house to myself for a weekend; before that, I was always too self conscience. It really does get easier after you get the right triggers in place.
    Lar-lar (my larvitar plushy), and cute blogs on tumblr are just a couple of my triggers.

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    I don't think there's a tried-and-tested method whereby you'll automatically regress. Trying to write a formula for regression is like trying to write a formula for achieving orgasm. There's certain things that are going to help you get there, but your body and your mind have to just feel right for it to happen.

    Personally I've found that toys, books and AB clothing are all good for my regression - though I imagine they're the general things that most ABs enjoy.

    I think mental attitude is more important than all the props in the world, though. You have to gently begin to try and think about what you're doing, what you're seeing and how you're experiencing it through a more innocent, uncomplicated mindset. Alternately, if you like being a brat, try and gradually tinge your thoughts with a kind of childish entitlement and a 'me me me' mentality. I think it's about trying to gradually alter your ways of thinking and relax yourself into a mode which ignores whatever adult concerns and thoughts might be preventing you from slipping into the headspace you want.

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    I don't know that I've ever REALLY regressed into a true little headspace. Even when home alone, I can put on footie jammies, pop a binky in my mouth, and bring up some cartoons on youtube. But then I'll hear the clothes dryer buzzer go off, and I'll pad downstairs to get them out to fold. It's like I always have one foot in yucky grown up hood.

    I actually get into a littler state of mind when I'm volunteering with actual kids. It's easier to bliss out playing LIKE a kid when you're playing WITH an actual kid. But I can only go so far down that rabbit hole, as I have to maintain a somewhat professional
    demeanor. (which is really just a long-winded way of saying I have to be one of the grown ups in the room, even if I am a spending a good bit of time crawling around that room.)

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    I found that if I get to hung up on trying to regress then its not going to happen, its more like I know I want to regress so I just do what comes natural and stop thinking about whether or not this fits into some archetype. Then it comes naturally and I'll end up in a state that I want to be in. So I guess my advice would be to not over think it, because that's the adult in you.

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    There was a time a few years ago where I would REALLY regress. I'd be in this mindset of maybe 2 and it was really nice and relaxing. But I can't regress anymore. I've always acted about 12 (but a very mature, adult 12 rofl) and its the age I'm comfortable being right now. So I don't really regress I just indulge in my hobbies. -shrugs- This probably makes no sense at all.

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