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Thread: Goodnites...different?

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    Default Goodnites...different?

    I haven't worn in over a year due to, well, life. Anyway, I bought a pack of Goodnites and they seem...different than I remember. I don't know, better somehow. Maybe its just because I haven't worn in so long. :p Has anybody else noticed this?

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    They made them more stretchier. But their capacity is somewhat diminished.

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    They are stretchier and therefor, feel a bit bigger. I've not noticed a difference in absorbency, but I wear a cloth diaper over them, so I may not be a good judge. Their exterior design is a little different, but not by much.

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    Yeah, that must be what it is. They just felt different, but in a good way (or so I think). Its nice to be wearing *something* again though, that's for sure!

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    Yeah, they changed the side material. It's not only stretchier, but softer as well.

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