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Thread: 2015 membership awards election reminder

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    Default 2015 membership awards election reminder

    Hello everybody

    I would just like to remind everyone that the 2015 membership awards elections are being conducted now.

    If you are EC+ you are eligible to vote, and every vote helps decide who will win each category.

    I have it form a reliable source that several races are very close.

    Thank you for your time and participating in an event that supports the good works of our members.

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    Hello Every one

    There is 5 1/2 hours left to vote for the 2015 membership awards.

    I have it from a good source that several races are tied at this time.

    An even bigger opportunity for your vote to be the deciding factor.

    So if you have not already voted, please take a moment and help decide a close race.


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    Aww man, I just started having fun! WHY DO YOU GOT TO TAKE ALL THE FUN AWAY >=(

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