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Thread: Best diaper you can buy at a store?

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    Default Best diaper you can buy at a store?

    Hello all I'm new to adisc but have been lurking for about 5 months now. I was wondering what the best pull-up and best diaper that are sold in stores. I have used depend and that's about it. Thanks for your help!

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    Equate is pretty decent they work pretty decent and hold quit a bit

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    Diapers in retail stores tend to be pretty bad. I like Depends Protection with Tabs more than a lot of ABDLs but it's not high capacity. Some medical supply stores or non-chain pharmacies have better selections but it will take time to work that out. The best I know of that appear in stores are Tranquility All Through the Night (ATN), Molicare Super Plus, or Abenas. I don't really care much about pull up diapers but Abenas were the best I tried. Abenas in a store are sort of the four leaf clover, so not sure if the pull ups are a more or less common presence in those few that would stock them.

    Really, if you want something good, buying online is your best bet. If receiving is a problem, you can try having them deliver to a UPS store.

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    the best i get i'n vero beach florida, is depends max protection with tabs

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    If you live in a city, find a medical supply store: they'll likely have way better selection. It's oft-repeated here: it's worth spending a bit more money on better diapers. Depends are all well and good (and like Trevor I'm one of the rare ABDLs who don't mind them), but when you compare them to, say, M4s they're hardly worth your time or money.

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    Depends Protection with Tabs is probably the best (plastic backed) diaper you can get in stores... It depends on where you are though because some small pharmacies have Molicares, Abenas, etc...

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    Try and find Abenas Depends with tapes are very thin and not that comfortable to wear I bought a back as my first taped diaper once I found Abena M2 and M4 briefs I changed to them after trying one sample diaper.

    depends are ok for light duty, find your self a medical supply in your area The major retailers primarily sell the cheaper diapers for max profit and easy sales. Once you check out more absorbent diapers you won't go back to the thinner versions. It's more money per diaper but it's worth it for the comfort, reliability and absorbency

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    "A store" is pretty vague. I'm going to assume you mean a grocery or drug store, which will absolutely limit your options to Depend and store brands. At least here in the States. But if you look around for medical supply stores, you'll likely find a selection of much better diapers. Near me I can buy both Tena Super and Molicare Super Plus diapers, both of which are excellent and very comfortable. If you want the "super diaper" level stuff you'll likely have to go online, but a quick Google search of your area might turn up some surprises.


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