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    Default Hi!

    Probably should have joined a while back, but I never felt quite comfortable with doing that when I was in college. I think I've been lurking around here for at least several years, since I first got my own phone and started exploring the nether regions of the internet.

    A little bit about myself... I graduated college within the last year and got a job in my field. I remember being 14 and thinking it would take forever till when I could have my own place and be able to experiment with diapers without any worries. Bambino's are amazing btw.

    I'm definitely a diaper love and not an adult baby. I guess I'm more into the feel of wearing/using diapers rather than regressing.

    Outside of ABDL stuff I'm a pretty avid reader and videogamer, I know that seems like an odd pairing of hobby's, but that is what it is.

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    Not too odd of a hobby pairing.. I love those three things as well! I'm on Xbox360 and own a ton of older consoles. I looove fantasy novels and teen novels from the 70's-90's~

    Nice to meet you Geronimo and glad you finally decided to join us!

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    Hello Geronimo22, it is nice to meet you.
    Welcome to ADISC.

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