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Thread: Your worst bullying experience

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    Default Your worst bullying experience

    I was always bullied at school the first time was in grade one. I was very short for my age.
    The worst time was when I was 11. it was in the early 70s. I was a foot shorter then every one else. It was just after lunch I was the last one in. I walked into class room and the teacher wasnít there he was late because of some appoint meant. I was jumped as I entered the door to the class room. 3 girls slammed me to the ground I was on my belly they grabbed my arms and lags and tied them behind my back. everyone else just laugh at me.

    I was on the floor for about 5 to 10 mints, before the teacher came in and untied me. I told the teacher that the girls did it, but he said girls don't do such thing. then he gave the guyís hell for doing it.
    Well when the school was let out. I got shit kick out of by the guys.

    It didnít help much when I got home and told my mom about it, all she said was when she was young the kids in the town were playing cowboy and Indian they hung a young guy and killed him.
    Donít get me wrong my mom is a really nice woman, She just not very good at consoling people

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    I cant say any one was baddest one they were all bad it hurt a lot every one.
    Till I was 38 I wanted to be 6 feet under .
    Still suffer till this day with the bad stuff that happend.
    Still feel alone in my feelings.
    Yes it still hurts .

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    for Foxkits. Bullying is so hard to overcome. I was bullied not just in school but by my younger brother and my father as well. It took me many years to forgive my father and brother and because of the past I don't adjust as easily to some people as I do others.

    In terms of the worst experience being bullied, I can only pick two instances. The first I believe I was in 4th grade it was winter time and I got pinned to the ground and white washed by a group of kids. The sting of the cold and how bad it hurt, it took me years to forget about how it felt. I still haven't told my parents about it.

    Second one, I was in 9th grade gym class and I got picked on constantly for a variety of reasons.. they'd call me gay, laugh at my unathletic and slim frame, the fact that I was always depressed and rather unkempt. The worst they did was throw my gym shirt and shorts in a toilet full of urine in the locker room. When I had to tell the teacher about what happened and why I wasn't dressed for class, that was EMBARASSING beyond belief. Luckily he liked me and was an understanding guy..

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    I've had my share of bullying. The first was when I was about 6 years old and discovered all my cousins who lived a couple of houses over. My mom didn't want me to play with them but I insisted. My dad's side of the family were/are Lenni Lenape Indians and I was adopted, so I didn't fit in. They used to beat me up every day. One of the older boys would make me and two or three other kids stand barefoot, this was during the summer, while he threw his hunting knife into the ground, trying to come as close to our feet without putting the blade through our feet. One day his missed and skewered this kid's foot.

    We moved to another location and there weren't many kids in the new neighborhood. I had one friend who was a year older and we palled around, but there was another kid several years older and he would often fight me and hurt me. My parents did nothing about this. We moved several times again.

    In this neighborhood, a Navy neighborhood, there were a gang of kids who roamed the neighborhood. We were in 8th grade by now, and this kid always carried a machete along with about a dozen other kids as his gang. Whenever he'd see me, he'd threaten to cut me, but mostly he called me names. I called him names as well, but secretly I wanted to catch him alone without the blade. This never happened, but one day he broke into a crane that was in our neighborhood, started it up, pulled a bunch of levers and toppled the whole crane. They sent him to jail which delighted me no end.

    The last memorable one was the gym class bully. There were two of them, and they were much bigger and taller than the rest of us. For all four years in high school, the class stayed together, the same kids in gym class, and they would torment the weaker ones. They liked to grab a sweaty jock strap and put it on the face of some smaller kid. We all wondered when they would get around to us. During these years, I lifted weights with by best friend who was the starting linebacker on the football team. By my senior year, one of the bullies got to me, but by now, I was military pressing my weight above my head, bench pressing 200 lbs. and curling about the same weight.

    I caught the bully breaking into my locker and I lost it. I threw him onto the tile floor, jumped on his chest with my knees, punched him several times in the face and then grabbed him by his ears and repeatedly banged his head onto the tile floor until he was unconscious and blood was coming out of his ear canals. I walked away and never got into trouble. I guess the administration thought he got his. He didn't come back to school until a week later, and he wouldn't even look me in the eyes. I'm not sure he could talk.

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    Default Your worst bullying experience

    I was never bullied at all, however there was one memorable occasion in middle school (7th grade I think?) where I threw a well known bully into a locker so hard it made a vague impression of his body in the metal. That was fun.

    While he wasn't bothering me personally, I had a good friend who faced a ton of bullying for a long long time, partly because of his name (he shared a name with a famous celebrity that he happened to be the polar opposite of). I was something of a cross between a geek and a jock in school, and was/am very much in shape thanks in part to all the sports I was involved. So that one particular day when I happened to catch Mr. Unnamed bully in the act, I slammed him into the wall.

    He was kicked out of the school about a year and a half later for selling drugs (yes, in MIDDLE school, selling drugs out of his locker) so I didn't see much of him after that, but I do know he never got near my friend again.

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    I never suffered any physical bullying, but there was a kid who lived on my street and was at my school - who used to verbally bully me about my disability, and perhaps even more sickeningly, about my Mum dying. It hurt a lot at the time, but I eventually realised that someone else's utter obnoxiousness is no reflection on me - I just happened to be there, and was someone with issues which gave individuals like him the kind of ammunition to take their own aggression out on another person.

    On my part, I said some pretty shameful things back to him, but I was never the instigator in these scenarios. So I accept some small part in escalating the bullying, but I've never been someone to back down or keep quiet if I feel I've been treated unfairly. Thankfully, that's the only real example of bullying I've suffered.

    I haven't seen him for years. I don't hold any grudges or malicious feelings about it. It would be nice if he realises what a vile kid he was, and feels remorse for his actions, but whether or not he accepts that responsibility makes no discernible difference to my life.

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    I was not "bullied" to the extent ant it means in these days. But I was always teased because I was "weird" and an oddball. I would like in it to "Charlie Brown" treatment. I do remember one time in freshman PE that it was physical bulling. I fell down playing basketball and the two "jocks" in the opposite team grabbed by my feet and drug me around the gym. The Teacher stopped it and chewed me out or being a cluts.

    I got even with those two for the rest of high school. Every time I had them in the same class I had the incentive to study harder and run the curve up so high they barely passed. The ultimate got you was when I made the one apologies to me in front of everyone in the study skills lab where I worked my sophomore year in college. He had to come to the home college because he washed out at the state university and lost his basketball scholarship. HE had to take remedial math and I was assigned as his tutor.

    So I guess my bottom line is what Bill Gates is quoted as saying; "be kind to Nerds one day they will be in charge."

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    I haven't had too many bullying experiences myself, but I remember my brother would get picked on very often. Yup, I'm of those guys: I don't care if someone hurts me, but if someone hurts a friend or family member, that's when I get mad. I got into so many fist fights defending my brother back in middle school. I'm not really that strong, but being a blackbelt makes up for that.

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    For the most part, I didn't have much experience with bullies. But the few experiences I had with other people bullying me were incredibly bad.

    The worst bullying experience I had by far was back in High School when a certain someone spread a bunch of false rumors about me. It'd be one thing if these were the rumors that effected popularity and had other students turn against me and I could turn to an adult for help. But nope. These rumors went up to school officials and they threatened to expel me for stuff I didn't do because they were believing the rumors that were floating around. I can assure you that I will never forgive the son of a bitch who spread those rumors and turned three weeks of my life into a living hell.

    I also had a bully as a roommate in college who was a hypocrite who broke every treaty we made, constantly made fun of me behind my back thinking I'd never notice, never respected my stuff or my privacy, and drove me insane to the point where I had to move out and flee to get away from him.

    Aside from those two incidents, I've been relatively bully-free.

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    I can only recall my entire school days as one continuous bullying experience. I was in school many, many, many years ago. Kids like myself who were perceived to be gay were the ones that got beat up, mocked, and ignored on a daily basis. I wasn't a very big kid and I sucked at sports so fighting back was just futile. The teachers back then overlooked it, so there was no point in going to them for help. It was years of hell.

    It was so many years ago, and being bullied was just a regular part of any day, so it all seems like a blur now. At least time has helped the memories fade away, if not the scars that remained. However, when this thread started I remembered one incident when I was coming into my classroom after lunch. The teacher was late but most of the class had arrived. Someone had written my name on the blackboard with the word FAGGOT printed under it in huge letters. I just left the class crying that day and never wanted to return.

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