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Thread: I wish he would accept this more

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    Default I wish he would accept this more

    I don't regress much, that's a fact of life. I used to regress just about everyday but something in me doesn't twist that way right now. I also rarely wear diapers (2-3 times a year) and only on the days where I REALLY need to be comforted by something.

    I've told him everything about me. Absolutely everything about this, my life, etc. And he doesn't judge me, he never has. But he's not interested in this.

    I can tell he's trying in his own way. I told him I needed someone that could be the grownup to my kid. Like a teacher-student deal but with sexytimes. And he's alright with it. Not overly thrilled, but ok.

    We're both in this friends-BDSM (we switch for the other randomly) kinda relationship and neither of us are ready for commitment. But, I don't know, I wish I could explore my Daddy kink more.

    He's not down for it and I understand that. I never talk about it and he tries to compensate for domineering in a guiding kind of way....but I don't know.

    I just wish I could explore this one kink of mine, you know?

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    I'm going through a similar situation with my girlfriend at this point in time. Does he know exactly what you want to explore? I'm figuring that out now and going to tell her exactly what I want to explore and see what she is ok with. I hope it all works out for you.

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    You might just need to take it slowly with him! It probably isn't an easy adjustment for him to make. Be gentle and take his feelings into consideration like you'd have your own. Hope things work out for ya..

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    You know sometimes interest isn't required. It would be nice in a relationship if we found people who perfectly shared all our interests. But, then again, it might be boring, and it's certainly hard.

    Instead, if you've got someone that supports you and that you care about, you can look for ways to compromise. If it's importabt to you and you're not even regressing much anyway, your partner might be willing to indulge you. Work together to figure out what you want. Write him a script, even.

    You can do something for him that may not interest you as much if you want to feel like it's being fair. Go to a show he enjoys, indulge one of his fantasies, or just offer to take an extra share of the dishes.
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    Sounds complicated, I can relate to what you're going through. But I guess as you know yourself, it's nothing you're not able to "fix"... well rather to cope with if you love him anyway.

    I only wonder, is your own urge to regress less (including everything else), or is perhaps due to him not being interested so it feels like it's crippling your urge to indulge? Just a question, it's nothing serious to worry about.

    Besides that, I think it's normal to lose interest partially if your desires change. So since you're both kind of into BDSM related activities as of lately... it's absolutly normal. Also, perhaps your little side could also be a bit bored? Figuratively speaking of course. If it's just all the same all the time that you're trying to enjoy due to your certain characteristics it might become boring after a while, especially if you're alone by yourself but want to share it with your partner.
    However, you're still exploring what you may like, I still am too. My desires constantly switched some years ago and I loved to explore new things. I somehow also grew hesitated when I didn't have to chance to try something new. Which hasn't worked that well in my last relationship. The easiest thing which works, we mostly tend to forget about somehow, is simply communication, it's the key in any relationship. Otherwise you won't get to know what your partner likes or doesn't like about individual things.
    You said yourself he's trying it in his own way, so maybe he's just stumbling around in the dark? Since he doesn't know better. Or perhaps he's trying to add his own interests alongside it, but doesn't know how too exactly. Talk to him about it, it cannot go wrong I think.

    And as already mentioned, often it's about negotiations, a favor for a favor. So even if he doesn't like it thaaat much, perhaps he would still be eager to do it, if you also do him a favor?

    Just don't worry too much. As long as you're happy in general it's fine. I know it can sometimes be hard to talk about these things. Especially if you're thinking that it's just one silly aspect, but you can do it. That's what your loved one is also for, to share your sorrows if you're stuck, since he may be able to help you... no matter how silly they may be.

    Best of luck *hugs*

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    I would say that these things take time. I've wanted my wife to be more involved and that's been a long journey. I understand why. It's because she's always seen me as the strong male in the family, the father of our children. It's hard for her to accept me as a two year old. She does play to it a little now, I think because she knows it makes me happy. Just go slowly and perhaps things will improve. The other thing I wondered about is this. The BDSM scene sometimes involves the SM not only being bound, but bound in diapers and forced to use them as a form of humiliation. I take it he's not into that?

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