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Thread: Molicare help. Want to try.

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    Default Molicare help. Want to try.

    Hey all.

    My nappy stock is getting a bit low so I'm thinking of trying molicare now I got a chance to restock. I think I had one of these as a sample over a year ago when I ordered some random singles. It was purple and defo not a tena maxi.

    But I have read alot about molicare changing and names changing. Can anyone advise on the best ones now and where in the UK is good discreet delivery.

    As per I will get some more boots staydry as I do love them but I like to have a choice when I go to the drawer :p



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    Molicare Super Plus is my first choice. Best try them out before they get phased out over there.

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    x2 on molicare super of my favorites and what i use daily when out and about..

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