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    Why is it just girls classified as littles why arnt boys?

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    Where? There are boy Littles too. There are all kinds of Littles. Even genderfluid ones. Maybe it's just cause people see girls as being compared to it more? I dunno.

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    Quote Originally Posted by babymander View Post
    Why is it just girls classified as littles why arnt boys?
    I'm a little and I am a young boy because I believe and I am a real boy! *Nose Grows like Pinocchio*

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    Considering you're making the thread in the Adult Babies & Little subforum, I'd say that's not the case. If you're referring to LG/Little Girls, it's not because there can't be a male version but LGs are their own subgroup. Personally, I find "littles" redundant in our community but obviously some like it and that's okay too.

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    Little is just the superordinate term for little boys and girls. There are not only little girls. ;)

    I don't think you're reffering to the tag, since "LG/Sissy" is gone and there is only "Little" left. Or are you?

    If it's a rather metaphoric question, then there's no answer but... it's not true? You cannot simply say that. Of course you have the group of "sissys", which are typical males that wan't to be treated as girls (with the humiliation part in hindsight). Funnily this gave us a lot of disccusions on how most people don't like the mixed up tag between this and the group of Littles.
    Littles simply take on a new persona - they roleplay or identify as a young child, eitherway a boy or girl - perhaps sometimes a genderfluid mix of both. It's more about identity exchange - similar to being an adult baby.

    It doesn't mean to be inherently drawn to pink and frills just like a little girl. Mind you, there are also a lot of girls who like to roleplay as a little boy and play with cars.
    And that's it, why should it be about the gender?

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    Every time you search up little on google it just talks about LG/sissy and i was just windering considering im a little my self

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    The term little as a catch all is relatively new. I hadn't seen it in usage at all until last year. So Google is probably a bit behind the times with little girl results still being a more popular search result.

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    If my memory serves me correctly, the term, Little Girl has been around a long time in terms of "Lolita"s. One only has to know the story to understand the concept, basically adult male pedophiles who are attracted to underage females, hence: Lolita. Adult babies have always been under the radar of society, so our term of "little", be it little girl or little boy is almost unknown or unheard, because most of society has no knowledge of us and what we do. This is why we have begun to refer to those who haven't a clue as Muggles.

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    As others have said LG has been around along time. Little sounds cooler than Adult baby tho at least IMO, and has been gaining popularity.

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    Unfortunately, there's also the hate factor...don't know why, but there are some (not many) in the DD/LG side of things that believe only girls can be littles.
    I've seen plenty of other boy littles on tumblr receive hate from them.

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