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    Best diaper to be least noticeable under clothes

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    Depending on the clothes u wear and how lose fitting clothes you wear u can conceal any diaper. I wear northshore supreme brief and they are pretty thick and I still can hide it

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    iv'e worn depend max protection with shorts around the mall all day one, even when wet, i'm sure nobody noticed, if they did, they were polite and didn't say anything

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    I wear A+ Level 4's under my loose jeans everyday with no problem. You can also add a onesie to support
    your diaper.

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    It really depends on the type of clothing you wear, in general it's usually a good idea to wear pants that are a size larger then you usually wear, in order to accommodate the diaper without it being too noticeable. A onesie/bodysuit, or a pair of underwear, over the diaper will also help to conceal it as well.

    In my own experience, the least noticeable diaper I've worn is the Tena Slip Maxi, I was wearing jeans, and a slightly longer shirt then I normally wear, and it was practically undetectable
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    For best results can lead in one of two ways...

    1) Pajama or yoga pants keep the waistband in place and somewhat muffling the noise when excessive moving and it's not as noticeable as you think it is since the pants are at a regular thickness (usually for sleeping results)


    2) Jeans and a T-shirt with some accessories blocking the sound out are the two best options I can relay to you.

    It also depends on the diaper itself...diapers vary in different varieties such as very crinkly, very thick, etc... Bambino Bellissimo is very hard to keep discreet but I mostly used pajama pants around the house and I did, for some moments for safety, wear boxer briefs over them to keep the waistband from rubbing against my skin making even more noise but it's very hard to maintain the thickness when becoming discreet so I practiced and closed my legs multiple times until the crotch padding area was scrunched up enough where I could close my legs completely and walk normally like there is no tomorrow...

    If it's a bambino bellissmo, then it will be a challenge, otherwise, any diaper you can wear will and should be discreet. Your best bet is jeans and T-shirts for casual looks and for best results, block the sound out with keys hanging off your jean loop hole.

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    I have worn both with jeans and a T shirt and also more formal attire like slacks, button down shirt, and sweater. I would say I have worn a number of different diapers around town, school and such that people will just not notice. You will notice it the most and the sound it makes doesn't really draw eyes since you can hear it the most. I have warn diapers with a tucked in button down and have it be very discrete. Even with my cloth AIOs. I would say don't worry about it to much.

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    Depends with tabs, are thin enough not to show under pants or shorts.

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    1. Good Nites = Nothing to worry about
    2. Snuggies = Very slim fit with out the granny panty look, just need to tuck in the high waste line which is easy or cover with a onsie or long shirts. Only bulky when VERY wet, and in a less noticeable way.

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    Peronally, I wear plastic backed Abena M4's with Jeans, a white T-shirt tucked in, and a long T-shirt over that. Denim brings the crinkle to a minimum and the long T-shirt covers any bulge leaving others clueless. I've gone for walks, ran errands, and even hung out with friends with a diaper concealed under my jeans a few times without issue.

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