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Thread: Dear Sega: Make a movie, not another game.

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    Default Dear Sega: Make a movie, not another game.

    The 3D Sonic games, especially Sonic 2006 and Unleashed, had really awesome FMVs. In Sonic 2006 Shadow pulls a crowning moment of awesome by removing his power-inhibiting rings and blasting through a sea of Mephiles clones. Sonic, on top of that, saves Elise from a crashing Eggman airship by jumping among falling scrap metal, in trademark Sonic style. Sonic Unleashed opens with a 7-minute FMV with Sonic crashing Eggman's fleet, turning Super, and handing Eggman his own ass. Sega also released a nicely-done 11-minute CG short about Sonic and Chip exploring a haunted house (use this link if your computer has trouble viewing the video.)

    The games themselves were not masterpieces. Adventure was flawed by a loopy camera and too many characters; Adventure 2 had too little Sonic gameplay; Heroes had unintuitive gameplay with glitches galore; Shadow is a joke overall; Sonic 2006 had clunky gameplay and a storyline resembling bad sci-fi; Unleashed has the Werehog and an aggravating town hub.

    I personally enjoyed the anime-style Sonic The Movie, and the Night of the Werehog short film. Now, Sega has an over-insistence on making a story for each game beyond "Eggman's at it again, go beat him up and save flickies!" Sometimes they go overboard with it, as we've seen in Shadow and Sonic 2006. They've also demonstrated a near-Pixar mastery of CG in their FMVs. I believe they should make a Sonic movie instead of a new game.

    Sonic is speed. At least a third of the movie should have Sonic blasting across the world in the manner demonstrated in Sonic Unleashed. They could even take the idea of segmenting the scenes in "stages", just like the games, to present new and challenging obstacles for Sonic to cross. The convenient springs could disappear entirely, allowing Sonic to leap great distances using his own judgment.

    I think it would be a worthy investment of Sega's resources to follow this line of thought, just to give fans something they can actually be proud of.

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    I think a movie wouldn't help, as it would probably end up doing horrible like a lot of movie adaptions do. If they were to make a movie though, I would like them to use the song "Sonic Boom" (From Sonic CD) in there. I love that song so much. I would like them to also use the video that plays with the song, and even make it longer

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    Sonic has been dead after sonic 3 came out. Just let the fucking hedgehog DIE.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fire2box View Post
    Sonic has been dead after sonic 3 came out. Just let the fucking hedgehog DIE.
    If you skip all the story parts, sonic rush is pretty kick-ass, despite being a bit easy in comparison to claissic sonic games. Adventure was okay too, I liked water parts sort of, but not really in a sonic game.

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    Sonic...My childhood friend, how many hours did we spend freeing those damned birds? Finishing the first level with nearly all the emeralds...Ahhh...The memories...And then you got AIDS, Sonic. AIDS. You know? And ever since, we've watched your immune system break down to a whole host of fail-disease and plots that only the Tomb Raider series of games get away with ripping off.

    Sega, my old old chums. For gameplay...You're losing it, you lost me after Adventure 2. I, like most hardcore Sonic fans picked up 'Shadow The Hedgehog' just to see what you could pull off, and I, also like most hardcore fans, played the first level then sighed what can only be what's known as a sigh of relief, I then knew that very moment that I could better spend my cash and that 4 day returns policy was my new best friend.

    Screw you Sega. Screw you.

    E404. <3

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