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Thread: Wanna Help Name My Team? (Pokemon)

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    Default Wanna Help Name My Team? (Pokemon)

    I just built a team for double battles, and I'm having some trouble deciding on the names for some of them.

    Pokemon: Larvitar
    Name: Lar-lar
    Name:  246.png
Views: 66
Size:  3.9 KB

    Pokemon: Mega-Tyranitar
    Name: Mommy
    Name:  248-m.png
Views: 60
Size:  16.7 KB

    Pokemon: Tyrantrum
    Name: Daddy
    Name:  697.png
Views: 62
Size:  12.3 KB

    Pokemon: Mega-Gengar
    Name: ???
    Name:  094-m.png
Views: 57
Size:  11.0 KB

    Pokemon: Gyarados
    Name: ???
    Name:  130.png
Views: 59
Size:  10.9 KB

    Pokemon: Noivern
    Name: ???
    Name:  715.png
Views: 57
Size:  9.1 KB

    Any ideas?

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    Gengar shadow or chaos

    Gyarados Leviathan

    That's all I got so far. If I think of anything else I'll tell you.

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    Hmm, was kinda wanting something more...childish.

    Considering something like "The Box Ghost" for Gengar or something.

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    Gyarados could totally be Grandpa, given your naming theme. Kinda has a sort of.. old grumpy crotchy old man thing going on.

    Noivern could be Birdy. Even though it's not a bird. That's part of what makes it childish.

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