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Thread: *Please Share* Your Bedwetting Stories Here

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    Default *Please Share* Your Bedwetting Stories Here

    Just wondering if Bedwetters would like to share there true stories on how they become a bedwetter ?

    This is just very interesting to know on what people use to do

    Thank you for sharing :-)

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    Well I've always had bladder weakness issues, which temporarily got better in my late teens. After going through a very difficult time in my life (5 deaths in 18 months) I became very upset and stressed and drank a lot, which caused me to start having occasional accidents. The fact I already enjoyed nappies meant that wearing wasn't a problem for me. Now it's gotten to the point where I don't go to bed without a nappy on, otherwise the fear of having an accident will keep me awake and if I do manage to fall asleep, the stress will cause me to wet. I sleep much, much better now that I don't wake at night to use the toilet and I can honestly say that I'm glad this has happened to me because now I consistently sleep better than I ever have done. Being a bedwetter might have it's occasional problems but now that I'm over it, the benefits far outweigh any complications

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    I wet the bed when I don't have my diaper on at night. But then it happens most often when I drink something before bed. Nobody in the world would ever know I'm a bedwetter.. I'm not ashamed of it though.

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    Had this problem since I was a child. Many embarrassing nights when younger, seemed to get better in my teens. I learned to deal with it several years ago although I don't know if I've always been AB/DL because of this or if it's just coincidence. I am diapered every night now. Sometimes I'll go weeks without wetting and sometimes I'll wet 5 nights in a row. Liquid intake affects this a little, I have dehydrated myself on purpose to alleviate this, didn't help. My wife doesn't mind this and on occasion she will wear one too!

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    Wet occasionally off and on for 50 years most of the time sort of on purpose last ten years or so have had more then a few accidents , for the last year or so have worn every night and am wet more often then not when I wake up. Sometime asleep when I wet when I wet most often wake up pee and go back to sleep. Keep the bed well protected and wife is ok with this arrangement.

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    I was a late developer when it came to potty training and was in nappies until I was about 5 and a lot longer at night. I was a chronic bedwetter as a child and throughout my teens. My Mother tried everything to get me dry at night but nothing worked. The medical proffesion weren't much use back then "Oh he'll grow out of it in his own time" was the stock answer back then. I did have an alarm for a short while but I was such a heavy and deep sleeper I had always soaked the bed and woke the whole hose by the time it woke me, so it was deemed a waste of time. I was chastised, ridiculed and punished for my constant bedwetting to no avail. Eventually at 15 following yet another visit to the Doctors I was refered to the continence nurse and for the first time my Mother got some practical help although there was no help to cure my problem. For the first time I had a proper fitted cover for my bed and was given some poorley fitting blue disposable nappies. They were not very good and often leaked but at least it was something. I wore them at night until I finally became dry in my early 20's.
    Even after that all through my adult life I had episodes of bedwetting sometimes just the odd night and sometimes it would be several nights in a row. My bedwetting came back with a vengence when I turned 50 and I am back to nightly wetting now and sleep in nappies to help keep our bed dry. I was diagnosed as having some nerve damage due to my diabetes. I am lucky as my bedwetting doesn't bother my wife at all and we still sleep together. She always says as long as I don't wet her side of the bed it doesn't matter to her.
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    Without going into too many details, on and off I've had really bad nightmares, and I'll have accidents at night. Started in high school and has kept going on and off from there. I kept it from my parents, so after getting tired of sneaking to do my own laundry, that's when I started experimenting with nighttime protection.

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    I have been a bedwetter for the past 2 years ever since I started using a cpap machine for sleep apnea. It varies between 1-6 times a month. I think it's dependant on how much I drink and what I drink. I also take melatonin and since starting that a year ago I've noticed that I'm more likely to wet with this 3 way combo of these things. I'm at the point now where I don't want to sleep undiapered just in case.
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    I have had a week bladder since I was 8 years old. On and off wetting problems from 8 to about 16 or 17 then only one or twice every 2 to 3 months. Then in my 30 starting having problems again by the time I reached my middle 50's started wetting day and night went into diapers full time as time went on I went into full retention and had to start self catheting up to 8 times a day. The last 4 years have had a foley catheter so no need for diapers I am now 68 and soon will be 69.

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    Well my bed wetting started pretty much when I was out of diapers. As toddler I wet, like most do. But I continued to wet until I was 14. This was due to me having ADHD. I was told by a doctor of psychology that it is normal for people it ADHD to be bedwetters. But that's not the only thing that was causing my bedwetting. As a child, I was severely abused sexually, mentally, physically. Kids that go through that, are more likely statistically to be bedwetters. And the last thing was being born 3 months premature. That is a factor too.

    So when I turned 10, my doctor had put me on a medication called imipramine. It's an antidepressant that treats bedwetting and ADHD. Well I took that for years and it slowed down the bedwetting, but never completely eradicated it. For a while from the time that I was 19 to when I was roughly 26, my bedwetting was pretty much gone. When I was 26 years old, one night I was sleeping and dreamed I had to go to the bathroom, and it wasn't a dream. It was real. But for some reason my brain wasn't sending the message to my body to get up and go potty. So wet the bed. At first I thought that this was only a one time isolated event. But it happened several times over the next few weeks. So, I went to the doctor. They ordered a sleep study for me. So of course I wet then too. But thank goodness at the clinic where I took the sleep study, they knew that I wet. So they had me put on a diaper. That was my first introduction adult diapers. I remember feeling kind of odd at first wearing a diaper. Anyway, the sleep test indicated that it's my ADHD again causing the bedwetting. So they wanted to put on an adult dosage of imipramine. Well being the kind of person I am, I asked a million and one questions about the side effects. I was asked what were the options. The doctor said that I could use a bedwetting alarm mat. I hate those because I already have night time anxiety periodically. That would just scare the holy crud out of me and trigger an anxiety attack. The final option was for me to wear "adult briefs" as the doctor referred to them. Since I already had wore one at the sleep study, I figured to myself that'd be the best option. So here I an 9 years later still happily wearing diapers at night.

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