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Thread: Adult Babies and Depression...

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    As an Adult Baby, I deal with Depression most of the time. It seems to be related to extreme guilt and shame related to feelings and desires regarding regression. Another trigger is my natural tendency to make mistakes all the time in socialization as a person with the lifelong disability of Autism. I am feeling really bad that I am a baby, and that I am an Autistic with the real cognitive social functioning level of an 8 year-old.

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    Hmm for the ABDL side I'm saying myself that I prefere wear diapers and get baby times than being addict to drug or alcool, after all, if we want it and if it's not dangerous for health, that's not so bad.

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    How long have you been wearing diapers caitianx? I too have autism (though its relatively mild) and I understand socialization issues as I've always had difficulty in crowds of strangers and talking to people I don't know. I'm not an adult baby by any stretch of the imagination, I wear at night because I'm a bedwetter.. but if you are keeping this in the privacy of your own home you shouldn't feel ashamed or embarrassed or even depressed about it. If you are an adult baby out in public and you are feeling depressed, then something ain't working for you.

    Ya deserve to be happy and proud of you

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    I'm sorry you feel this way caitianx. I think I can say that I have felt similar in some ways, I know what it is like to be depressed about my baby side anyway. I think the biggest depressing thing for me was fear of relationships as an Adult baby, but I slowly got over it by deciding that being in a relationship didn't determine my ability to be happy, although it has taken a long time to convince myself of that, and I sometimes still relapse. I don't think there is any real reason for being ashamed of the adult baby side of one's self, sure there are side effects, but there are also positive things too, like how relaxed and calm you get to be when you baby out.

    I really don't know if there is a great way to fight off depression, but I have always heard that exercise helps, also eating healthy.

    Know what though, here is the number one thing. Just because you are autistic and have a tough time with the social world, does not mean you are a failure. Out of all the creatures in the animal kingdom, humanity is the one that is so smart, that we are too dumb to see how we have complicated our lives with social requirements and obligations. What does a lion do all day? Eat, sleep, chase things, mate, it is a pretty simple life. Humans on the other hand have to pay taxes and argue about if it is right for two unknown people of the same gender to be allowed to have a document that puts them on the same social standing as everyone else. Frankly, humanity screwed up life when they started to introduce all of the complexity. Sure there are a lot of advantages and necessary things about social interaction, but man! There is a lot of unnecessary crap that got thrown in too, and a lot of expectations towards people that don't need to be there. So if you are failing at meeting a social expectation because it is beyond your control, give it the bird, a lion doesn't know how to socialize in the culture we have, but it is pretty damn awesome anyway(weird analogy, i know). Just figure out what makes you unique and cool, and be proud of that. Think of a few of your favorite simple pleasures, and enjoy that you get to have those.

    Good luck. Depression sucks.

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    Hello caitianx

    I am also on the Autism spectrum and have depression and when I joined the group I too had the same feelings.

    The thing that my therapist taught me was to change the mental perspective from a negative view to a positive view.

    The ABDL is something that is not going to go away. If it has a potential to help you relieve the stress that the autism causes and you are doing it in private then it is not an issue but a coping mechanism. So use that to your advantage. if life is getting you own and getting padded helps you escape and relax then do that in that frame of reference.

    It will help the feelings go away, reduce anxiety and lessen the depression.

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    Well said egor. I often forget how easily the stress of the world melts away in a diaper!

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    Hey mate, sorry to hear you're not feeling your best right now, hopefully you'll be feeling better in the near future.

    I hope you don't mind me asking, but are there any trends or similarities in these "social mistakes" you mentioned?

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    Depression is pretty-much comorbid with us older autistic adults. Guilt and self-punishment for making social functioning mistakes tends to be cumulative, and at times it overwhelms me. I go for periods of time feeling ok, then I just up and emotionally "crash & burn" for a day or so before I feel ok again. Being an Adult Baby is only a small part of my life. Oh! I guess I did suffer a childhood abuse PTSD flashback yesterday, which makes me feel ashamed for not being stoic and strong, as an older man.

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