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Thread: Your oldest Teddy/Plushie/Soft Toy/Cuddle Buddy

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    Default Your oldest Teddy/Plushie/Soft Toy/Cuddle Buddy

    Which of your cuddly collection of Plushies have you had for the longest?

    I have a cuddly toy with me that I've had since I was around 7.... I think . that sounds about right.

    He is small with white fluffy fur(that is a tad bit dirty :P), as well as a red collar and a cute brown nose >.<.

    For some reason I named him Doggy :P.

    He's my oldest cuddle buddy :3 Who's yours?

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    Oldest as in length of time you've owned cuddle buddy? Or can it be whenever it was manufactured?

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    Quote Originally Posted by boobybird89 View Post
    Oldest as in length of time you've owned cuddle buddy? Or can it be whenever it was manufactured?
    mmmmm well I was meaning oldest one as in length of time you have owned it. But now i'm interested to know if you have a plushie that was manufactured ages ago!

    I'd say people should talk about the cuddle buddy they have owned for the longest as first port of call. However if you have a cuddle buddy that it's SELF is old then you can also mention that because it would be interesting Also it means more discussion about cuddle buddy's which i love :3

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    I am a Care Bears collector and have a Bright Heart Raccoon from 1984. I also have some Disney Wuzzles which I believe are from either 1984 or 85. I've only owned these for about four-five years or so, however.

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    Were the Care Bears and Wuzzles a big part of your childhood? also how many care bears do you have?

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    Absolutely they were! I have 18 Care Bears, two of them are bedtime pillows.

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    18! Now that is a collection! I guess it would be impractical to use them all as a bedtime pillow at the same time. Which two do you chose and why?

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    The raccoon I don't use because of its age, I keep it collectable. I choose Bedtime Bear because he of course encourages everyone to sleep well and have pleasant dreams. I also have a Cheer Bear bedtime pillow, both are on the bed with me each night.

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    Makes sense about the raccoon. Good choice of bedtime pillow buddies :3. I hope i have as many cuddly toys as you do one day . how many do you have in total, all combined.

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    29. Considering I haven't had money to buy any in almost three years, I'd say I have a modest collection.

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