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Thread: Package Potentially Stolen/What to do

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    Default Package Potentially Stolen/What to do

    I ordered a sampler from Snuggies, to be delivered via USPS.

    I was just informed that it arrived in my mailbox at 11:15 am today, when I was not home, yet the package is nowhere to be found. I live in an apartment building with five other tenants. Needless to say, I am incredibly freaked out right now and very angry. USPS isn't open until Monday. I don't know what to do.

    A) Does USPS ever make mistakes in terms of updating their tracking info?
    B) How should I proceed? I am so flipped out I can't even think.

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    My package got returned to post office because I was not home today. All they left was a phone number. They did not leave it at the local post office either so the number is long distance. I have to go online to hopefully get it Monday but I am working then so the kids will have to intercept it. Waiting is driving me crazy.

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    UPS typically leaves things at our door or in our porch. I've never had it not delivered. We live in our own house, not an apartment, so maybe they had a different policy for apartments?

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    I have never heard of USPS making mistakes in their tracking info, but I know it isn't foolproof either. Usually when it says delivered, it was delivered as the postal worker must scan the package before leaving it. It's possible that one of the other tenants might have it. May want to check with your neighbors to see if they have it. Just say, "did you happen to pick up a package of mine the other day by mistake?" They may have and just haven't gotten around to getting it to you yet. It may have been delivered to the wrong apartment by accident.

    Not sure who to contact about stolen or lost packages that claim to have been "delivered." Most times USPS will not take responsibility for them since people could claim an item they received was stolen when they knowingly received it. Check out the USPS website for mail theft information though. You can file a report and they should look into it.

    In the future, you may want to consider having the package made available for pickup at the post office rather than delivered to your apartment. They'll hold the package and send you a notice of when it is ready for pickup. I know they encourage this service since packages have been getting stolen a lot recently.

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    Yes they do make mistakes. Several months ago, I ordered some pills for my cat (vet approved!). I was running low and really needed the shipment. The tracking information said it was delivered but it wasn't. Like you, I was not home at the time so I couldn't be sure whether it was stolen or not. Based on past experience, I suspected that the package was either delivered to the wrong house or wasn't delivered at all. I waited a day or two and then tried to contact USPS. Before I was able to do so, the package showed up.

    Whether your package was misbelieved or stolen, I don't know. I certainly would contact your USPS office on Monday.

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    I would say an error, either in the status or delivery is more likely than theft. I'm sure it will be agonizing to wait through Sunday but I'd say don't worry too much until after Monday's delivery has passed and it hasn't arrived.

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    If it was USPS (e.g. "THE Post Office"- official government mail)- then a mistake in the tracking might be possible. Don't stress.

    If it was the private company "UPS", then tracking info is likely accurate, it probably was delivered, and was either stolen or accidentally picked up by a neighbor.

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    Odds are it will arrive Monday. For whatever reason, sometimes they mark it as "delivered" before it's actually been delivered. Odds are they intended to deliver Saturday but it didn't make it before the cut-off time. So it was scanned as delivered, but not actually delivered yet. I've seen this happen on many occasions.

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    I would contact the post office first and explain the situation to them to see if it was really delivered.
    then if it was them I would contact your land lord or neighbors about your missing package.
    you don't have to accuse anybody of taking it but to find out if anybody had seen it or if they know what might have happened to it.

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    There's a form for missing mail. Frankly, I've found my local post offices here are very helpful. They'll talk to the carrier and see if he recalls what he did with the package. You might ring the other neighbors (or put up a note on the mailbox) inquring if any inadvertantly picked up a parcel addressed to you.

    We had one that was misdelivered to our neighbor. I only thought about checking with them because I had one of their parcels. Sure enough somehow our two deliveries got swapped.

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