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Thread: assurance underwear?

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    Default assurance underwear?

    Has anyone tried the free sample they are giving out of the WalMart brand assurance purse pack underwear? I got the sample myself but haven't tried it out yet so far it looks like a colored version of the generic pull up underwear most companies make but it looks like it's much trimmer and doesn't have excess material on it like most have. I'm just hoping it has a better absorbancy than the depends underwear.

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    I will have to check them out. I also don't like excess material when wearing.

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    They are technically supposed to be for women but with the size ranges and fit they seem true to size and actually have enough padding front and back to be effective as a pullup

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    I've not tried the underwear but I've used their "fitted briefs" which is a reasonable (for store brands) product. I used to buy them by the case from Sam's Club. I'm fairly certain that these are the same briefs that are the house brand at Walgreens as well (same X pattern on the tapes).

    The underwear-style I used to buy form my Alzheimers-afflicted mother in law however. I never bothered to try those. Even on my more discrete days I just use the briefs. Much easier to change and it's no big thing unfastening the "velco-like" fasteners.

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    Yes, they're the house brand at Walgreens. They aren't bad for what they are. I used to wear their fitted briefs and they were good if you didn't flood them. Granted it would be fun to flood them and squish around in them once in a while. lol

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    here is the link in not sure how long the promo is going for

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    I was able to request a sample by searching assurance sample on Google.

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    Good I'm glad you found it, I was having trouble posting the hyperlink

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    I've found the 'Assurance' brand to be pretty darn good, esp. considering the price. Of course, everyone's body type and 'Needs' vary, so one manufacturer's product might not be as good as another. Sadly, that means buying just about everything/anything you can and then judging for yourself.


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