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Thread: For those that live/wish to live more in the AB/DL "lifestyle"

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    Default For those that live/wish to live more in the AB/DL "lifestyle"

    So beeing in the cross-dressing/femme community for nearly a year has given me a better understanding into what some would call "alternative lifestyles" or "X 24/7" what have you. And hearing some different perspectives in interacting with the BDSM community has been rather interesting.

    I fall into that "24/7" camp in a lot of ways now than I did a couple years ago.

    The title is not very perfect for the breadth and depth of this topic, so let me clarify a few things and stress the unstated:

    1) I've put lifestyle in quotations for a couple reasons. a) it's how it's commonly referred for those who are deemed "24/7" or who integrate certain acts of play or several other elements into more than one aspect of their daily routine. b) I feel it is an inaccurate term for most who view such behavior to them as living authentically (i.e. natural).

    2) "More" can mean a lot of things to different people. It does not necessarily mean 24/7. Just different levels of incorpation.

    3) We are all unqiuely socially situated. With different backgrounds. With different desires.

    4) This is not a "Sexual vs nonsexual" debate or a push for public acceptance. Nor is it a topic for policing other's expression or a blatant "fuck you world I do what I want" sort of hand waving of possessing traits marked by society that are often deemed immoral, outrageous, or worthy of physical harm. We are an extremely heterogenous group. There are a lot of liminal identities, lots of gray area. It is in our own best interest to embrace that.

    5) Lifestyle can encompass, but is not limited to: wearing diapers 24/7, a predomoninatly age-play relatonship, daily mannerisms, clothing choice, ect.

    That being said, to those that may identify with any of the above, what sort of support/resources you wish you had more of that would be pracitical in your particular situation? Especially resources/support that falls outside supporting family members/friends (or better ways of possibly finding support more selectively among them)

    What sort of incorporations in your daily life related to AB/DL would you feel help you live more authentically?

    Those are just a couple big questions and the entire conversation is not limited to it. If there is something else related I didn't adress please do.
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    As someone that would like more, especially a relationship that, sexually, is predominantly about diapers/ageplay, I feel like what I'm missing is a way to connect with people individually and actually look for someone to begin that 1 on 1 relationship with. And I say that being on both Fetlife and OkayCupid and having attended several munches and one somewhat more serious kink event. But for whatever reason, I haven't felt particularly comfortable in the group setting and neither online place for connections has resulted in finding a specific person to start a relationship with. At least not yet.

    As far as the second question, I would never want to wear 24/7, but I'd enjoy wearing a diaper during the evenings and to bed maybe 4-5 days a week and I'd certainly love to find someone who would actively ask me to wear a diaper at least some of the time.

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