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    I've heard that the molicare super plus plastic backed are being phased out that true and about how long does anybody know?? thanks

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    I'm with ultra. I like the old models better. I used them as the major part of my supply.

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    Thats why I stocked up massively on the old Molicare Super Plus, they are the workhorse in my need of diapers

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    Wonder why they didnt just do the super plus like the comfort super with the breathable sides and plastic center, seems to me that would have been a better compromise sort of the best of both worlds.

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    I can still find the plastic brands on ebay so that is where I get mine at low price. I don't like the new looks though because they don't look as absorbent judging the package.

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    I don't understand why they can't just sell the plastic backed variety alongside the new model instead of just replacing it outright. This will be yet another devastating blow to consumer choice in the incontinence market. All we can do now is stand up and make enough noise that Hartmann/Medline will consider making a compromise much like Abena did with XPMedical. I have tried both varieties and while both are effective, I much prefer the more waterproof non-breathable cover. Alienating their consumer base that prefers plastic by denying them choice possibly may be good for short term profits but I fail to see how it could serve them well in the long term for sustainability. Such a move is short-sighted in my eyes and I hope for all of us and for the sake of consumer choice that there is enough consumer backlash to force a compromise as was accomplished when Abena tried pulling a move like this.

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    I agree with SnowPrincessLily. Why they can't sell both products side by side, I do not know... Something tells me it's to do with money, I don't know... is cloth cheaper than plastic? I have no idea. Anyway, I realise that there are many out there who prefer cloth backed nappies and I'm sure I've read somewhere that care homes and similar places have voiced their preference for cloth-like material. From what I remember reading, their reasons were increased breathability and dignity, as they feel more like underwear in comparison to a plastic, crinkly nappy.

    Despite this, I have spoken with a member of staff from a well-established local supplier regarding the situation, (just as I did when Abena went the same way) and found some interesting info. From what they tell me, there are a LOT of upset customers who were using Abena, who then switched to Molicare and are now in the same situation. They have no idea why the company is making this move and by the sounds of it, the number of upset customers is very significant. So significant in fact, that they were able to persuade Tena to either temporarily continue plastic backed nappies or supply them with a container-load... I don't remember exactly but the long and the short of it is that they do have plastic Tena in stock for the forseeable future. The person I spoke with didn't seem too bothered about trying to convince Molicare/ Hartmann to do the same, although they were almost as confused as myself as to why companies are making this move. They gave me Hartmann's number but I haven't called as it's an 08 number...

    My feeling is that care homes who probably buy in mass bulk are asking the companies for this change. Why? I do not know but I guess that many of the people in their care are probably being changed as often as a baby and probably do not care what they are wearing, which makes sense. Now for those of us who lead more mobile and active lifestyles with varying levels of IC who may need to be a bit more discreet, it's my feeling that we are the majority of the people who prefer plastic. Plastic will last longer, hold more and leak less - ideal for those who don't want to carry a huge sack of cloth nappies everywhere and change every three hours. Why? Well amongst a host of reasons, some can actually make it to the toilet some of the time and this means less to carry and therefore less chance of discovery. In short: plastic backed nappies are far more convenient for a lot of us. But like I said at the start... it's most likely about money. Who is consistently buying the most? Care homes by the looks of things. And thats where I think our problem lies, as with most of the problems in this world. Money. Shame.

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