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    So I recently got some bed rails for my bed, since I can't really afford anything like a crib yet and don't like with a mommy or daddy..this is all I can do until then. It's silly but I do feel more secure and safe with them up. But I have noticed something..ever since I got them (about a week) my neck has been a lil sore/stiff. I always sleep the same way, on my sides, and the rails don't really interfere with that..I wonder why my neck is still sore..hopefully I'll get used to it/it will go away. I do really like the rails tho. *blushes* Makes me feel really tiny! hehe
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    I have no idea why your neck is sore. maybe just a coincidence. I don't think you are 'silly' for feeling more secure with the bed rails up. Good luck.

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    I've always wanted a bed with a curtain of some kind, but I've never thought about bed rails before. Maybe I'd like those too.

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    My guess is that the rails being there might be causing you, unconsciously, to shift your arms or neck while you're sleeping so that you don't hit them, which might be causing the stiff neck.

    Also, can't help but notice you're in some need of a change in that picture.

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    *nods and blushes* ya you may be right about that..and the change thing too..

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    I have a guard rail on my bed which is next to the wall on the other side, actually, that's one of the strange thing, I can't sleep without it, even if I never fall of my bed, I feel more secure knowing its there and sleep a lot better with it.

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    I actually thought about moving one end of the bed against the wall..i guess i don't need to since its on both sides and all..

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    Just to argue with myself, lol, it could just be bad timing. Maybe there was a draft or you just slept in a bad position. The only way to tell for sure is to test it, let yourself recover. If it doesn't go away or it gets better but happens again and the guard rails are the only thing you changed, then you can be more sure that it's them.

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    I think it's just coincidence. I've got bed rails too. I totally understand having them to feel more secure, though I personally bought mine because I can tie cot toys or a mobile to it, giving me the kind of 'crib feel' at a fraction of the cost of buying an actual AB-sized crib.

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