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Thread: What are your first memories about diapers?

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    Default What are your first memories about diapers?

    I know this topic has been discussed before several times over the years but all of those discussions are closed and I wanted to post my memories. I have several.

    1. I guess my first memory happened when I was about 3 or 4 years old. I was at friends place and we got to playing on her bunk bed - the top bunk. I discovered that she still had plastic on her bed. She was the same age as me. I remember asking her about this and she told me that she sometimes wet the bed. I couldn't remember the last time that I wet the bed. At some point later, I don't remember how much later, I phoned this girl and her mother wouldn't let me speak to her. Her mother told me that she had been bad and was in diapers for the day. I assumed she must have wet herself or her bed. second memory goes back to when I was somewhere between three and five. I remember wetting my pants when I was playing outside. I don't think this was an uncommon incident and I don't remember worrying about getting in trouble or getting in trouble.

    3. I guess my third memory was several years later, when I was probably 13 years old. My step brother, who is six and a half years younger than me had been put back into diapers on a full time basis. My sister who was four and a half years younger than me was also in an out of diapers at that time. For some reason my mother chose to use cloth diapers and plastic pants. One evening when I was having a shower, there were some plastic pants hanging over the shower rod. I try these on and was immediately excited both mentally and physically.

    4. The next thing that happened, I guess, is that okay began stealing cloth diapers and plastic pants from department stores. I then began wearing these almost every night. I never wet them at the time though. One of my thoughts wish that they would protect me from what happens to adolescent boys at night sometimes.

    5. The fifth memory that I will share with you right now is it time when I was in junior high school and I was coming home from somewhere, I don't remember where, but I had to go to the bathroom really badly. I finally peed my pants and I was so afraid that either my mother and / or my stepfather was severely discipline me and probably force me into diapers, as they had done with my sister and step brother. I already knew that I liked diapers and plastic pants but did want not want to get punished or forcedly diapered.

    Please feel free to comment on what I have said and please post your own early memories.

    Please forgive any errors as it is now almost 5 a.m. and I've been up all night.

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    I remember wearing the old fan fold Pampers when I was a baby and toddler
    I also some tomes wore cloth diapers and plastic pants
    I liked the Pampers better and I was reluctant to be potty trained between age 2 and 3
    I would have preferred to stay in diapers

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    The only memory I have of myself in diapers was when I was about 4. I believe that I had been potty trained for #1, but still needed a diaper for #2. So there was a night where I must have needed to go and I was put in one. I remember there was an embarrassing sound as I went diarrhoea in my diaper. I don't remember the sensation, I don't even recall how the diaper felt. I only remember that sound, and my dad's reaction to it("Oh, what's this?"). I also recall that he put the dirty diaper in a ziplock bag, and the liquid was oozing out of the garment. I don't recall anything else in between, or after.

    A separate memory occurred after my younger sister had been potty trained for the day. I was seven, she was four. We found her old diapers and I helped to diaper her. I vaguely remember telling her to "use the diaper". But she was more interested in telling my grandma, who took them off her, threw them away, and spanked me for being the mastermind.

    Around that period, there was a time when we stayed over at my grandma's house. I was sitting in the living room with grandpa. My mum was in the room putting my sister in her night-time diaper. All of a sudden, the door swung open and my mother rushed out of the room, carrying my sister. It so transpired that seconds after being put in her diaper, my sister started to poop, and my mother ripped off the diaper and carried her to the toilet. But somehow she escaped her clutch, and she ran to the living room where I was, and right before our eyes she squatted and pooped on the floor. Naturally my mum and grandma were incensed.

    P.S. The last memory is worthy of an ABDL story, but I attest that it really happened.

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    Thanks for your contributions wetatnight and selv14. I really thought that more people would want to contribute to this thread. Oh well...

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    i remember one time when i was about 6 or 7 my mum brought my sis and i over to her friends house and someway or another i admitted to my sister that i wanted to wear diapers and on the ride home that night, in the back seat of the car was a pack of diapers, well pull-ups to be exact and the whole ride home i pretended to be asleep and kept an eye on them, but sadly when we got my grandmum's house, the pull-ups were actually for my cousin a year or two younger than me, i had the choice to wear some, but i declined do to embarrassment, but now that i look back, i should of just wore a pair to bed, i mean who really judges somebody at that age?

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    My earliest diaper memory is of being put in a diaper at bedtime. Pretty sure I am three years old in this memory. I have other early memories of diapers, but that's my only memory that positively dates from when I wore diapers for need. It may also be the earliest memory I have, period. Not 100% sure of that, though.

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    Little embarrassing to admit but I can remember running downstairs on Christmas morning all wet and soggy and opening Christmas presents with my family. Happy memory.

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    My earliest memories are getting into my younger brothers diapers. I was out of them, I'd say too darn early... anyway as I'm not quite 2 yrs older than him, I can't have been much more than 3....needless to say, my diapering up was never received well by mum. Of course getting into trouble probably made me more probably sneaker. I do have many more preschool memories that involve cousins/friends etc. clearly I had a strong fascination for this to be so prominent.

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    My earliest memory of diapers was when I was about 5 and I was rocking back in forth in a chair in just a diaper and a t-shirt. I also have memories of being put into diapers for me bed wetting when I was younger.

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