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Thread: The Origin of Your Current Avatar

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    Default The Origin of Your Current Avatar

    Speak here, and tell us why you chose it or made it.

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    I like pink floyd. I especially love the Wall. I had just seen the movie of the Wall when I wanted to change my avatar. It seemed a simple choice.

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    It's John Petrucci from Dream Theater, one of my favorite guitarrists ever. He's truly an inspiration for me.

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    Man... mine's really old now. It was probably about 3 years ago, and I had just downloaded GIMP because I needed it to do something (I can't remember what), and I was playing around in it trying to draw something. Well, it looked really ugly, so then I started messing around with the smudge tool until it looked kinda cool. Then, one day while I was looking through my old files I figured it looked quite cute so I set it as my avatar. And I've never got round to changing it since then.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jack26 View Post
    And I've never got round to changing it since then.
    See that you don't, it's adorable. All the moreso that you made it yourself.

    I went for some time without an avatar as I couldn't think of anything that was quite right for me. When I finally settled on an image of Mr. Grant as the way to go, I had to scan almost all the way through 'His Girl Friday' to find an image with the right angle. The fact that he was interacting with a phone at the time was an added bonus. I don't envision changing it.

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    Mine is the headshot of a drawing a tbn member did of me. I thought the drawing was amazing and made me look good. I've always liked it a lot and it feels perfect for an avatar.

    Here's what the entire pic looked like (not that anyone besides me cares :p ).

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    Mine has almost always been a Mew, expect very briefly when I first joined TBDL when it was a fox. I changed it to Mew when people thought I was a furry.

    Why Mew? I probably spent half an hour doing random searches on Google Images until I thought to search for Mew.
    I figured it was a good choice because:
    • It's very cute.
    • It's a Pokémon, which is something I (and others) associate with childhood.
    • It says the right things (or maybe just good things) about me: Mew is unique, cute, tough, and likes to float around.
    • It's a cat, I love cats.
    • It's pink!
    • It's a Greek letter!
    • Un-threatening.
    • Lot's of pictures of it to steal use.

    I don't change it because I changed it to Pocoyo once, and people bitched PMed me saying "OMG you changed it!". And I like it to be constant too, why not?

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    Butterfly Mage


    I chose one that matches my screen name. I did an internet search of "butterfly" + "fairy". Of course, being gay, the fairy part is a bit of a double meaning, har har.

    I've got a butterfly and vampire tarot deck too. Very kewl.

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