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Thread: snuggies diapers web page changes

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    Default snuggies diapers web page changes

    I personally find seeing a bunch of big hairy guys in diapers quite unappealing while trying to shop for diapers. I hope they rethink that one. I was going to look around for a contact link to suggest they sell some of that baby powder scent cans, but I don't think I can stomach digging around on their web page right now...

    Or am I being unreasonable?

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    I don't know that their presentation is a winner but I don't see much hair there.

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    Yeah, I noticed that a couple of weeks ago and found it rather off-putting as well.

    But kudos to them for making it really obvious that they aren't using underage models. I mean really obvious. Really, painfully, agoniz--ok, anyway.

    (EDIT: I don't mean to disparage the models, actually. It's just hard for me to get past my initial "I'm looking at a man wearing a diaper" reaction and actually focus on the product.)

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    While I agree with you that it is unappealing, I think I have a good understanding why they did it. I am pretty sure that those images represent the vast majority of the AB/DL community in both size and gender. It is unfortunate, but that is (I believe) the case. With that in mind I think that they did something very smart. That allows the end user to actually assess real life products on real life bodies, not models.

    I was unsure of what to expect with what you had written there, but I have to admit it was not as bad as I had thought. The images are very clean, tasteful, and neutral. Very different than what I had feared.

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    While I could see it be somewhat off-putting. It shouldn't discourage you from trying their diapers or learning more about them on their website. At least they ship product in a timely manner and reply to emails unlike that other site that uses some females to model some of their diapers.

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    Never mind the models, I find the PRICE to be the most unattractive part - $25 for a pack of 10!? OUCH!

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    am I being unreasonable?

    You don't need to do any digging, links to all their social media and a 'Contact Us' link are on the front page.

    girls are bad diaper wearers?
    I'm fed up of female models, it's about time an ABDL site used ordinary models that make up their predominant audience rather than relying on sex sells.

    I'm sure a minority of people that can't stomach a few .jpgs aren't going impact their success much.

    Bring on more cuddly guys.

    I don't mean to disparage the models...
    *does anyway*
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    Quote Originally Posted by MyWorld08 View Post
    Never mind the models, I find the PRICE to be the most unattractive part - $25 for a pack of 10!? OUCH!
    Unless it has changed, it is only $25 for the first pack and each additional pack is only $15. Plus, at least when I bought some, the shipping is only $10, no matter how many packs you buy. So, if you buy 4 packs or more, you are looking at $2 or less per diaper. Not cheap, but not too bad for an AB specific diaper with an all-over design. They also are very comfortable, pretty absorbent and more easily concealed under clothes and worn in public than Bellissimos, 24/7s or other high end diapers, in my opinion. I do not like the new pictures of men either, however.

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