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    Default The Academy Awards

    I did not need to see good old whatshisname in tighty-whities

    That is all.

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    Hating to repeat myself, I think I expressed my disgust for the Academy Awards in the British Empire thread. In the comics a couple of days ago, one of the characters was talking about The Hammy Awards, an award show that awards the best award show. That's about right. I think there's an award show every freak'n week. Are the "stars" not indulged enough?

    "And now I would like to thank the Academy for this award by blubbering and rambling on past the music because I'm drunk on my ass." (burps up lobster)

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    I watch mostly in hopes of a clothing malfunction. And because there's always so much to poke fun at. I haven't seen any of the nominated movies so far.

    Oh, and there's nothing else on, and I'm half in the bag from watching the Blackhawks self-destruct against Boston.

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    I'm always amused by the way many of the women appear to be on the verge of having their dresses fall off. And usually at some point you get one really good song performance. Also, the in memoriam they do is rather poignant. The results I don't much care about, though if something I haven't seen wins a big upset, I might look into it.

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    To start with I'm not a movie fan. So I don't even bother to watch any awards shows.

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    I haven't been interested in award shows for about 15 years. Too much politics and sensationalism for me to enjoy.

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    I will say, I watched Birdman this year and I did think it was a great film. Worthy of the awards it received.

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    Another year goes by without poor Leonardo getting an Oscar!

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    I have not been to the theater in decades. I record the news, and when the anchors start gushing about award shows, I fast forward to more interesting segments. The egos are so inflated at these awards "ceremonies" that I am surprised that they all do not float away. $170,000 "goodie bags"? All entertainers (including professional sports) are grossly overpaid for their contribution to society.

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