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Thread: Why No AB/DL Pull Ups?

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    Default Why No AB/DL Pull Ups?

    Over the years I've been pleasantly surprised to learn that I am one of many people who's AB/DL side is of an older child, yet no one has seen this business opportunity to make adult size child styled pull ups (that can hold more than a thimble full!) I love the look of Underjams and Drynites, I think they're so cute and fits right into my regression age of a 5-10 year old. I can fit into Drynites but they do tear at the sides eventually.

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    If they could be made without that granny-panty elastic, that would be one thing. As it is, though, I find the design of most adult pull-ups unappealing, and unfortunately any AB/DL pull-up can only hope to be manufactured using the same techniques and equipment used for existing adult pull-ups. The market for AB/DL diapers is just too small for companies like Snuggies, ABU, etc., to be able to afford serious re-tooling. That's why their products are, fundamentally, baby-ized adult diapers rather than adult-ized baby diapers. As somebody who would love a stretchy-sided, cloth-backed, velcro-closure AB/DL diaper, I fear there won't soon be an AB/DL diaper that really "does it" for me -- for the same reasons.

    I look forward to being proved wrong, though!

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    I have always wished for something like this! Just a bigger version of a Goodnite with more absorbancy would be my dream!

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    I love diapers over pull ups, tho I do see your point.
    I know of a few in the furry/cub fandom that like them more.

    I agree with Cottontail in that there appearance may suffer.
    Also companies have to know for sure they will sell them easy enough,
    and have a big enough audience for them.

    Things like Goodnights, underjams I can fit into as well.
    As long as I am careful pulling them up.
    Tho they hold little.

    Tho I am curious as to what hold more.
    A kid pull up or a Depends pull up XD

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    I'm 100% all for this idea. GoodNites were my jam for the longest time. I love the aschetic of a diaper that's "kinda" trying to look like panties but still is visibly not. There is this middle ground of diaper design and panty design that its my favorite thing.. and it's been sorely missing since GoodNites (understandably) have pushed further towards the "looking like underwear" side.

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    The basic issue is the mass ABDL diaper options are relatively new, and no one has done it yet. I expect we will see an option at some point.

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    well i prefer diapee with tabs they seem to be made to absorb tons more especially doubling them with a stuffer.

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    Money. the people that make this AB DL diapers got to see a market for it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cottontail View Post
    If they could be made without that granny-panty elastic, that would be one thing.
    Damn I know they look so ugly! But how hard can it be to just upsize drynites/goodnites/underjams?

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