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Thread: dumb question: burning diapers

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    Default dumb question: burning diapers

    Does anyone know how well dry diapers burn? I was just wondering, also, would it be a good source of fuel if i were to soak one in kerosene? once again, a dumb random thought, but i want to know.

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    I would strongly vouch against it... it's horrible for the environment and is potentially very hazardous. Plus, why would you want to burn diapers in the first place?

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    Diapers have all sorts of plastics and chemicals in them so I wouldn't try burning them as it could new bad idea.

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    Probably not a good idea. I'm fairly sure it'd give of a wonderful variety of toxic fumes, and even if it didn't hurt anyone directly, it'd still be awful for the environment. Just throw them in the bin!

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    I don't want to think what it might do to the environment or to your health. Also, I believe at want point there was some research going into burning diapers because a scientist saw some burning rubbish and a diaper (well, bits of it) survived. So they probably don't even burn that well.

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    It would be a terrible waste of a diaper to burn it!

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    It's the best way for getting everyone to hate you with its lovely smell

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    If it was soaked in kerosene it would burn real nice. The kerosene would, hopefully taking the diaper with it.

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    Guys, I wouldn't actually do it because of the pollutants, i was just wondering if super absorbent burns.

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    Hah! You wouldent find me burnng a diaper. You only find them on me :p.

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