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Thread: Depression and Suicide

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    Default Depression and Suicide

    As of this recent blog:

    I have decided I'm not going to stay. I make family look bad with what I've said they have done. They really are not that awful. I'm the real monster. I'm the one that causes them stress and hurt. I drive away my friends and family by saying hurtful words that I don't really mean. I don't want to hurt anyone anymore.

    I'm done.

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    If 'Done' means suicide, please, please, please don't. However difficult you think family life is right now, suicide is not the answer. I lost someone very, very close to me by those means as a kid, and whilst I think they took their life in part because they knew they could be difficult, life was a billion times worse without that individual, and we all still miss them very much. And though it's hard to see any positives when you're severely depressed, I bet you'd be amazed just how many people love you and couldn't imagine life without you.

    I know what it's like to feel so low that you think there's nothing left to live for, but it's not true. Unhappiness, like its opposite, is fleeting - and you will feel better than today. If you need to take some time out from socialising or from seeing family, okay. But please, please don't take your life. You have, and will always have, something worthwhile to live for...even if you can't see it right now.

    If you want to chat, or even just to vent, please send me a PM. I know we don't know each other well, but I care about you, and nobody deserves to feel so low.

    Much love,
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    Now, i want to assure you, anything that's happening out there, as bad as they may seem, is surpassable, Ive shared in your place.
    I can sympathize with you Jazz.
    And yet here i am still standing enlightened over past mistakes. Believe me when i say you can get though this, believe me when i say there are people who still care for you, people who want to care for you, not only here, not because we have too, its because we want too, because we can relate and share our stories, and enjoy and revel in there past and our truths. And i know its not forever, but only you have got the power to change your position, to change Darkness to Light, and if you need anybody. No matter what I am going to be here now, Everyone needs someone they can count on in times of need, someone to hold on to during the darkest storm, and someone to never forget them or to ever let go. If your willing that is. Feel free to send me a message, if you need someone ill be here. Ill let you rely on me, as i can rely on you.

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    Suicide isn't the answer it just kills off the possibility of life getting better, You're not alone and I think I speak for everyone on ADISC when I say we are all here for you in this tough time Stay strong things will get better I believe in you!

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    They call suicide "a permanent solution to a temporary problem" for a reason. You are reaching out here. Let us help. Contact a suicide hotline. If you're in the US, here's one: If you're in the UK, here's one: GO THERE NOW!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JazzBaby View Post
    As of this recent blog:

    I have decided I'm not going to stay. I make family look bad with what I've said they have done. They really are not that awful. I'm the real monster. I'm the one that causes them stress and hurt. I drive away my friends and family by saying hurtful words that I don't really mean. I don't want to hurt anyone anymore.

    I'm done.
    Please don't do it. I lost a friend who committed suicide because he was bullied, and I got bullied, picked on, stolen from, and I am under a predicament with my mom right now but I don't have any intentions of killing myself. What on earth will you accomplish if you commit suicide right now? Much sadness from people around you such as your friends and the family that DOES care about you.

    Heed the links everyone has sent you.

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    Please don't commit suicide. No matter how bad things might seem to you now, they can and will get better. And I guarantee you that no matter what you've said, your friends and family still love you and they don't want to lose you.

    In addition to the websites, if you're in the USA you can call 1 (800) 273-8255

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    Speaking as someone who has been suicidal, lost friends and a partner to suicide, and still occasionally fights depression, I can only say one thing:


    Please... just stay. I know what it's like when you feel like no one cares but believe me, people would miss you more than you'll ever know. When you feel this depressed, your mind stops analyzing and seeking solutions so that suicide feels like the only answer. It's not. The answer lies in getting immediate help through a crisis line, and dealing with the problems that led you to feeling this way. Your profile says you're from Illinois. Here is a link to list of helpline resources in Illinois; I urge you to contact the one closest to you immediately. You'll get a sympathetic, caring person who will want nothing more than to help you get through this.

    Listen to me. I've been where you are at and I survived it, and I'm so glad I'm still here. Feelings of suicide can be caused by a number of physiological or situational reasons. You need to get help to find out what's going on, but never, never, ever believe that suicide is the only answer. It is an illness that needs treatment.

    Also,,please keep in mind that February can be a very difficult month for a lot of people and there tends to be an increase in depression and rates of suicide this time of year. You're not alone in feeling this way. So please, talk to us, talk to a helpline, and we'll help talk you through this.

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    A lot of people are worried about what you've said. I hope you didn't mean it that way. But if so you can see that a lot of people care.

    You haven't done anything wrong and by all means you're no monster at all. Sometimes we say things that we don't really mean, but it always helps to talk about it, sometimes even to rant about the situation. Also remember that anxiety, depression, and such things tend to obscure those realizations about what you think you've done or what you should do regarding certain situations.
    Just don't give up, it's okay to grieve, to cry, but don't let your vision be clouded only by all negative things. There's a lot that's worth living for.

    If it's urgent please call a suicide prevention hotline just as: 1-800-273-TALK (8255) - They can help you.

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    Hello JazzBaby.

    Please do not leave. This is the exact reason why ADISC is here.

    I have been to the bottom of the pit 3 times in my life and I have always found someone to help.

    It is hard to hear at this point, but there is people here who care about you and would like you to stay and talk to us.

    Do not think about the people around you. Right now the most important person in your life is You!!! YOU need to take care of yourself first, before any one else needs to be worried about.

    We need you here because you are a unique person and that is what helps all of us understand each other. Your prospective is always helpful.

    We are here to help you find that point in yourself that makes you a unique individual and show how that is the building point that makes you a valuable member to our group.

    Please stay and let us help you.

    If you need to pm someone you are close to here.
    It is ok to pm me but at this time I am having Computer issues and am lucky that I have been on this long. IT may be an omen that is why it is working now because We are here to help you as much as we can.

    So please stay with us and let us help one another help ourselves.



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